Frozen, Chapter 8: Uncovering the story

Sven galloped faster to reach the end of Enchanted Forest. Fortunately, Anna had an amazing idea to unravel the magic of the mystical part of the forest. They had to destroy the dam her grandfather built!

She heard about rock giants living at the edge of the forest and decided to wake them up and lead them toward the dam using Enchanted Cafe’s Breakfast Hash along with Croissant with Stuffing.

This, she figured, will appease the spirits and atone for her grandfather’s crimes against the Northuldra. Anna, Sven and Kristoff managed to get them angry and hungry rock giants to fling boulders at the dam until it broke.

Unbeknownst to Anna, it also breaks the spell on Elsa, who was in dire need of help up north at the Ahtohallan river.

The waitress from Enchanted Cafe, located at 88 Rangoon Road, Singapore, was right!

Now, Northuldra and Arendelle are safe!

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