Frozen, Chapter 3: Enchanted Cafe

As Elsa was drinking her cold glass of chocolate at Enchanted Cafe, the waiters and waitresses could not help but stare at her. After a while, a waiter braved herself and came over to ask if she was really Elsa.

“Yes, do you know me?” Elsa asked because she knew she was no longer in Arendelle.

“Yes, we know all about you and your story… but in the story that we know, you are no longer Queen of Arendelle. Anna is, and you will govern a mythical part of Enchanted Forest,” the waitress explained.

It seemed like the waitress had the gift of foresight. Elsa asked if she knew about the voice calling her. The waitress said yes and went on to explain that what she knew might not have happened yet because Elsa was still wearing her Arendelle robes and dress.

The waitress told Elsa about the people of Northuldra and some remaining soldiers from Arendelle, who are still at odds over a battle that broke out 36 years ago, angering the forest’s spirits and causing the mist to descend over one part of the Enchanted Forest. Only Elsa had the power to retrieve them.

To do that, Elsa has to cross the Dark Sea into Ahtohallan and become the fifth spirit of the forest, connecting the other four spirits.

Was the waitress speaking the truth about the future? Elsa had to get back to find out for herself.

Discover what happens next in the weeks to come. If the weather is too hot, come on over and choose from our choices of chilly drinks even Elsa approves of at Enchanted Cafe, 88 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218374.

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