Turn your social media game from zero to influenc-ero

Alright, influencer-in-the-making, listen up! Join our 10-week Content Creator Influencer (CCI) programme that will polish that crown. We’re talking top-notch personal branding, creating a killer media kit, and growing your following while honing your mad skills. Let’s turn those likes into your full-time income.

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Imagine this:

Living a life as a full-time content creator, a lifestyle that seems as magical as a fairy tale.

Can one truly earn a full-time income by sharing their passion and creativity on social media, just like a modern-day princess?

But wait a moment...

You could be on the brink of missing a chance of a lifetime!

Trust me. I've been there.

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Royal Creators School

A bespoke 10-week programme crafted to aid you in your Content Creator Influencer (CGI) journey and gain more followers, nurture your personal brand, and make a full-time income from social media.


in the Royal Creators School


your followers


money on social media

Work with me

If you're keen on making money online,

you’ll need a social media strategy that works.

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Say hello to success with our proven solution for:

Entrepreneurs ᐧ Founders ᐧ Side-Hustlers ᐧ Thought Leaders ᐧ Content Creators ᐧ Freelancers ᐧ Corporates ᐧ Homemakers

Navigating the journey of amassing followers and monetising your social media can feel like navigating a labyrinth in stilettos without the guidance and support from those who’ve strutted down this catwalk.

Yet, curating a social media fanbase for your personal brand or business dramatically amps up your potential earnings, serving you the freedom to work from your favourite corners of the world and the luxury of mastering your own schedule. Crucially, it gifts you the thrill of waking up each day to a passion that sends shivers down your spine.

We desire this for you.

So if you are:

Then, you're at the right place.

The first USD 2,000 I'm earning outside my day job salary feels like the most significant payout of my life.
My revenue doubled! I've been pulling in USD 6k and considering going on full-time!
Wei Li
Royal Creators School has everything you need to earn money online!

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When you cast an eye over the crème de la crème of brands, entrepreneurs, and creative geniuses out there:

But here's the secret they all whisper: a social media strategy that sizzles.

And sweetheart, that’s precisely the golden nugget we’ll pass on to you at the Royal Creators School.

Supercharge your social media presence and profits

By navigating our meticulously crafted programme, you’ll unearth all the tools, knowledge, and resources you need to stay one step ahead of the trends and ensure a steady income, no matter what the whimsical algorithm springs on you next.

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I yearn to grow a following and generate income online, but...

These are just some apprehensions our students shared before enrolling in the Royal Creators School.

They also felt utterly knackered and self-frustrated for ‘being their own hurdle‘!

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Here's the scoop

It's absolutely fine if you

if you aren’t knocking it out of the park on social media.

We empathise because we've trodden that path too

But here's the silver lining - light at the tunnel's end

We meticulously designed

and brought the Royal Creators School to life to leap over all these barriers and challenges…

And when you navigate our proven step-by-step programme, you’ll unearth all the tools, resources and education to help you do the same. In a few weeks, you can grow consistently and earn a handsome income on autopilot, no matter what curveball the algorithm throws next.

You can earn a full-time income from

social media and don’t need a sea of 100k followers…

I've wanted to launch my spiritual wellness retreat but wasn’t sure how to go about it. I've finally gotten my sales page and social media up and made my first USD 5k with fewer than 3k followers!
Spirituality Coach
I made USD 3k through paid partnerships since starting the Royal Creators School - and I only have 11k followers. Not only (do I now have) the confidence to go out and ask for what I want, but I've locked in multiple brand and affiliate partnerships. I've learnt more in the past few weeks with less overwhelm than years of trying to gather information from various sources.
Personal Blog

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By the end of the Royal Creators School, you'll have...

Adopted an empowering mindset and unwavering confidence

We realise that the prospect of posting on social media can feel like a rather formidable task. Not to worry, we’re here to help you wave goodbye to that pesky imposter syndrome and foster the audacity to post with aplomb without a shred of self-doubt.

Recognised your niche and identified your perfect audience

Even if you’re feeling a bit muddled about your direction as you embark on this journey, you’ll finish the programme with a keen understanding of your target audience, how to captivate them, and the savvy to stack your earnings on social media.

Concocted viral content - without wasting your precious time

If the simple thought of creating a post leaves you in a cold sweat, spending hours crafting a single piece of content, my dear, we’ll change all that. Soon, you’ll be spinning viral, high-conversion content as regularly as afternoon tea.

Preserved loads of time and piles of money

While ten weeks might feel as long as a British winter, trust us, darling – nurturing social media growth single-handedly takes considerably longer. With our tried and tested formula, you’ll have a clear roadmap, knowing precisely which steps to take and in which order to witness the results you desire.

Boosted your income and grown your following

Common wisdom would have you believe that earning money online requires a horde of followers. We’re here to dispel such misconceptions. We’ll guide you to fatten your wallet TODAY, showing you how each fresh follower can bolster your income.

Become a connoisseur of social media

Technology can be a bit daunting (and isn’t everyone’s cup of tea). By the end of the programme, you’ll have conquered all the tech tricks of the trade. Creating content you can be proud of doesn’t have to be a chore.

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Seeing results from the Royal Creators School doesn't require a royal wait

even if you’re starting from scratch…

I escalated from 0 to 8k followers in a mere 30 days. According to my insights, I've reached 1.4 million accounts and gained 8k new followers in just 30 days.
My first EVER Reel garnered 20k views and counting - with fewer than 300 followers! It's been two to three weeks since I began to show up daily for myself, my brand, and my audience using all the tips and techniques we've learned. Within the past 14 days, I gained 24 more followers; within the past seven days, I reached 11.5k non-followers.
Mindset Coach
I earned USD 500 in seven days with fewer than 600 followers. I made USD 500 in sales just this week (despite having only 555 followers)... I cannot thank you enough for producing results I did not believe possible at the start! Thank you!
Body Positivity and Empowerment Coach

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Let's turn your social media presence into a profitable empire

Upon joining the Royal Creators School, you’ll unveil…

Our signature three-step growth strategy

Witness your social media presence transform in three simple steps, enabling regular sales irrespective of follower count.

Industry-acclaimed certification

Establish your credibility, attract fresh clientele, and showcase your social media prowess.

Guides to crafting viral content

Banish the indecision over what to post, reverse-engineer virality to outshine the competition and grow at an extraordinary rate.

Trustworthy outreach templates

Connect with influential brands, pitch your venture, and amplify your sales – all without starting from scratch.

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Our pledge to you:

Royal Creators School is cut from a different cloth

If you’re wondering what differentiates the Royal Creators School from all other digital courses, let the guessing games end here…

Royal Creators School


Access to Royal Creators School’s proven three-step social media growth and monetisation framework.

Education and course materials that stand the test of time, regardless of industry shifts and algorithm updates.

Industry-recognised social media certification.

Up to seven days money-back guarantee.


Plug-and-play templates and resources you can instantly utilise in your business – saving you both time and money.

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Enrol today, and we'll treat you to these delightful bonuses:

30 ‘Done For You’ captions

Worth USD 99

Consider these captions as your own bespoke templates, tweakable and reusable to your heart’s content. They’re expertly crafted to integrate seamlessly into our audience growth system.

365 Instagram Story ideas

Worth USD 299

A full year’s supply of Instagram Story prompts ensures you’re always prepared with engaging story content. Wave goodbye to creative freezes for good!

Dream 50 brand collaboration blueprint

Worth USD 199

Streamline your brand engagement strategy and secure your top 50 dream collaborations with our proven outreach blueprint.

100 Reel concepts (universal)

Worth USD 299

Unlock our vault of 100 Instagram Reel ideas, adaptable to any industry, and learn the tricks of creating them effortlessly.

Social rival matrix

Worth USD 299

A comprehensive rival social analysis document, empowering you to discern what’s effective (and ineffective) within your industry. Knowledge is power in this realm.

Creator economy compendium

Worth USD 999

An exhaustive database of the creator economy is at your fingertips, guiding you on which tech tools to utilise and when. Additionally, savour exclusive discounts on our top picks!

YouTube content almanack

Worth USD 299

A tailored YouTube content almanack was devised to demystify and streamline the content creation process.

Growth and monetisation map

Worth USD 1,499

This well-detailed roadmap will guide you, ensuring you’re always aware of your next move.

Brand outreach scripts

Worth USD 199

We’re lending you our time-tested template outreach scripts, ensuring a swift start to your monetisation journey.

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Plus, you'll be privy to these extra credit bonus courses:

Instagram may be your springboard to cultivating influence, but we’ve got you covered when you want to expand onto other platforms.

YouTube masterclass

Worth USD 1,499

YouTube, a robust search engine, could open the door to millions. In this bonus class led by Amy Sangster (boasting over 100m views), we’ll navigate the essentials of achieving YouTube stardom, covering topics like formulating a winning channel concept, mastering SEO, cracking growth hacks, hooks, and production.

TikTok workshop

Worth USD 499

Join us as we delve behind the scenes of this soaringly popular platform to divulge how you can emulate its success. This class, hosted by @dreaknowsbest (5.4m followers), will equip you with an understanding of TikTok’s mechanics, video formats, and a tailored viral growth strategy.

Social media career pathway

Worth USD 299

If your ambition is to craft a career in social media, experience is key. In this class, you’ll gain insider knowledge from the founders of content crops on how to establish yourself as an authority (even as a novice) and leverage your unique personality to land a role in the creator economy.

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Real talk

The Royal Creators School is not everyone’s cup of tea

We wouldn’t dream of encouraging someone to purchase one of our courses if it didn’t suit their needs, as much as we would adore extending an invitation to all. This is not a suitable match for the following:

If this resonates with you, we cordially invite you to explore our other programmes, such as The Castle and Royal Launch School, which may align more closely with your objectives.

Prepare for a transformation,

courtesy of what you’ll learn at the Royal Creators School.

Owing to the Royal Creators School, I've been able to hand in my notice at work. I abandoned my full-time position to devote myself wholly to my business. I've committed to never looking back. Every morning, I arise joyfully, eager to do what I love, regardless of the day's challenges.
Anna Nguyen
Stationary and Stickers Mogul
I experienced a staggering increase of 10k followers in a single week! I've been diligently consistent, trying all sorts... lining up my content and preparing for when the moment struck!!! I'm ecstatic and thankful for this programme! I hope my journey inspires some of you to keep pushing; you never know what's on the horizon!
Maria Barajas
Digital Creator and Pilates Guru

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Imagine, you might...

Your transformation could begin today if you yearn for that future!

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Get started today

Joining PRINCESSA Academy’s Royal Launch School is an investment in your business and yourself. It’s not just about making more money, but also about finding joy and fulfilment in what you do.

Why wait for tomorrow when you can start your journey today? You have a business to build, a vision to realise, and a legacy to leave. So why wait? The time is now.

So take the leap. Start your journey with the Royal Launch School today.

Payment options

Oh, don’t you love having options? Well, luckily for you, we’ve got plenty regarding payment! Let’s break it down – we accept credit cards, PayPal, PayNow, and good ol’ fashioned cash or cheque. So go ahead and pick your poison – we’ve got you covered!

Full payment

$ 769 Upon enrolment

(Total USD 2,649 889)

3 x payment
$ 299 For three months

(Total USD 2,989 999)

6 x payment
$ 169 For six months

Got questions?

Join our QNA sessions or grab a virtual coffee. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Questions about the suitability of the Royal Creators School for you?

Don’t fret. Let’s address those questions…

By the culmination of Royal Creators School, you’ll be equipped to consistently and confidently grow your online audience and know precisely how to sell out your programmes or products. The course is designed to be swiftly and easily absorbed. Once enrolled, you’ll unlock invaluable time-saving bonuses like plug-and-play templates that make showing up on social media effortless.

Absolutely! While Instagram has been instrumental in the growth of my personal brand and the meteoric rise of PRINCESSA, I recognise that different platforms work for other people. That’s why we’re also covering YouTube and TikTok in your Bonus.

Elective of Royal Creators School. Many foundational principles in branding, content creation, and video marketing will aid you in finding success on any platform.

There are overlaps between our other social media offerings and Royal Creators School. However, Royal Creators School is our only comprehensive course with guided lectures.

Indeed! The tips and tricks imparted in Royal Creators School are relevant for entrepreneurs, founders, side-hustlers, thought leaders, content creators, freelancers, corporates, homemakers, etc. – whoever you may be! If you desire to grow your audience and generate income on social media – forget titles: Royal Creators School is for you.

You do not need a conventional “business” to enrol in Royal Creators School. Whether you’re earning money through a digital or physical product, a service or brand deals and partnerships – we’re providing all our monetisation secrets in Royal Creators School.

Social media is undergoing radical changes – how we use it to connect and communicate, specifically how we use it for business and branding. Royal Creators School focuses on the fundamental concepts necessary to succeed on social media as a creator, building an audience around a topic to monetise. This is a much different approach than previously taught regarding social media, and we’re thrilled to explore this with you within Royal Creators School!

What I adore about both the creator economy and Royal Creators School is that it is teeming with opportunities for any person, in any market, with any size audience. As someone who started on social media from ground zero, I teach from a foundational perspective, making this perfect for those who are just beginning or who only have a small following.

Indeed! All content is accessible immediately (after August 1, 2023) upon purchase.

We’re making trying out Royal Creators School as simple as possible and ensuring it fits our refund policy correctly. If you don’t feel it was right for you, we’ll happily issue you a full refund.

Royal Creators School was designed with you in mind if you’re operating in a saturated industry! Crafting a brand that highlights your authentic personality is the secret to building a community of people who know, like, and trust you, regardless of your niche! If you need assistance standing out, Royal Creators School is exactly what you need to gain traction in your market.

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You deserve support on your social media journey

Too many people attempt to navigate social media solo. While you might think you’re saving money by tackling the digital world yourself, you’re wasting valuable time – and potentially even sales.

What if you could consistently make sales and cultivate a devoted audience on social media in as little as a couple of weeks? Without all the uncertainty and hours wasted scrolling through YouTube and Google?

That's the reality with Royal Creators School.

You don’t have to tackle this alone. Enrol today for a tried-and-tested curriculum. We’re eager to support you on your journey and confident we can deliver results.

Let’s get to know one another...

Hey! It’s me, Sabrina. Straight outta Singapore 🇸🇬!

Now, before we dive deep, let me drop some quick facts. I’ve been making waves in the media, marketing, and tech world for over a decade. And guess what? The media loves a good success story. You might’ve seen me in The Straits Times, The Business Times, Vulcan Post, e27, Inc., The Peak, iWeekly, 8 Days, and a bunch of other cool places.

But beyond the headlines, I’m a dreamer, an otaku, and a proud mom to my fur-baby, 🐈‍⬛ Toothless. I wear many hats – content creator, writer, artist, marketer, technologist… you name it!

Connect with me

If you’re here, I’m guessing you read my article online, found me during a 2am Google deep dive, or shared a handshake and a chat. No matter the route, I’m thrilled you’re here. Think of this space as your go-to toolkit, brimming with gems to supercharge your journey.

Now, let me guess: You’re a founder, a side hustler, a go-getter professional, an aspiring entrepreneur, or all of the above. Sound about right?

Here’s the deal: I’m all about lifting folks like you. If you’re gearing up to launch that dream business or elevate your career game, you’ve hit the jackpot!

I’m on my journey to personal development. And guess what? We’re in this together. Let’s roll up our sleeves and make some magic.

Named “30 Entrepreneurs of the Year” by The Silicon Review, USA. Back home, I’ve bagged the Spirit of Enterprise and the Singapore SME 500 Award.

I founded Royal Privileged, bootstrapping it to an annual 7-digits revenue. Exited my media-tech startup within two years. After that, I founded People’s Inc., scaling the marketing automation software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to over 7-digits in annual revenue within two years amid COVID.

But here’s the heart of it all: I’m on a mission. With over a decade of hard-earned experience under my belt, I’m committed to championing the next generation of entrepreneurs.

You know what? I’ve always felt too big, too bold for a tiny cubicle. At just 15, while most were figuring out high school drama, I was diving headfirst into the business world, exploring everything from FMCG to gaming and technology.

While juggling my academic life, I took on a role in marketing communications for SAP while side-hustling as a content creator.

But hey, why stop there? I soon ventured into journalism, hungry to uncover the vast landscape of media and marketing.

And then came the game-changer. I took a deep breath, bid my 9-to-5 goodbye, and embraced entrepreneurship full-time.

We all have that itch, don’t we? That yearning for financial freedom, to truly decide our own paths. We’re all unique, with dreams as diverse as we are.

By being here on this platform, I’m pulling back the curtain. I’ll share my journey’s highs and lows, triumphs and trials. From building my brand growing my digital presence, to designing a life I’m proud of.

And here’s the golden nugget: Everything I bring to the table is crafted to help YOU thrive. Dive into my resources, learn from my experiences, and let’s automate those profits.

Ready to create a life and business you’re passionate about?

Get even more

Sit down each week with me, Sabrina ‘Princessa’ Wang, as I share the secrets to my personal, professional and social media success.

Get even more

Sit down each week with me, Sabrina ‘Princessa’ Wang, as I share the secrets to my personal, professional and social media success.


The business tools
I use every day

Enjoy some of my go-to business resources (and favourite things!) to help you in your entrepreneur and content creation journey.

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means we might earn a small commission if you love something as much as we do… we only recommend what we actually use!