My Story

Sabrina Wang from Singapore 🇸🇬 is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and advocate in the media, marketing and technology industry with over a decade of experience, featured across various media; The Straits Times, Vulcan Post, e27, Inc., iWeekly, 8 Days, etc.

A dreamer, otaku, content creator, writer, artist, marketer, technologist, and mom to 🐈‍⬛ Toothless.

Named the “30 Entrepreneurs of the Year” by the Silicon Review, USA, and honouree of the Spirit of Enterprise, Singapore, Sabrina made her mark when she founded Royal Privileged, bootstrapping it to 5 million. Exited her media-tech startup within two years. After that, she founded People’s Inc., scaling the marketing automation software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to over 1 million in annual revenue within two years amid COVID.

Sabrina’s mission is to use her over a decade of hard-won experience to further the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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The Writer

Summoned to earth disguised as a commoner to show people what greatness is, I am a princess and superstar from my world. Armed with all things PINK, I set out to make things better in between my manicures.

Hey there! I’m Princessa (pronounced as Prin-ces-sa), the alter ego, online persona, pen name or however you want to call it, of Sabrina Wang. My calling is to make my life (and yours) fabulous!

I love pink, bling and everything else other girls like. Still, deep down, I’m an absolute geek – I enjoy my time on my computer, programming stuff, playing computer games (FPS, RTS, MMORPG, etc.), watching animes (Naruto, Bleach, Lovely Complex, Kaichou Wa Maid-sama, Fairy Tail, etc.), playing pool/billiard with the guys, etc.

Despite my love for sneakers, I often find myself in my 4-inch (make it 5) heels.

As a fashion, technology, travel and lifestyle blogger, I am passionate about tracking down the latest trends and sharing them with you, my little ones. Via my social media platforms, I bring the best of what the web offers from the fashion, beauty and entertainment world (and sometimes I like to share whatever is on my mind – it’s usually pink, FYI).

I write about fairy tales, thoughts, fashion, online shopping (and off), fitness, health, beauty (or rather, anti-ageing), travel, love, relationship, inspiration, motivation, gaming, gadgets, anime, etc… and more importantly, living life to its fullest!

Looking to engage me for:

Ambassadorship and endorsement.
Brand advertising (e.g. advertorials, shoutouts, etc.).
Event, panel and speaking opportunities.

Social media shoutouts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).
Brand, banner and logo placements.
360 customised influencer programme.

Some of my current engagements include:

Some of my previous engagements include:

  • Ambassador of (2012 – 2020)
  • Ambassador of OMEN by HP #DominateTheGame (January 2018 – 2019)
  • Ambassador of Best Beauty (2014)
  • Ambassador of Fabulous Aesthetics (2013 – 2014)
  • Member of StarFitness Singapore (2013 – 2014)
  • Host of Fabulous You by Fabulous Aesthetics (2013 – 2014)
  • Resident Blogger of (2011 – 2013)
  • Ambassador/Feature for ACUVUE® MOIST® for ASTIGMATISM, Johnson & Johnson on iWeekly (October 2013)
  • Panel Judge of Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2013 (August 2013)
  • Acted in Unconditional Love, aired on Channel U, directed by Zheng Ge Ping (April 2013)
  • Host of VALENTINE VENDETTA: The No. 1 Singles V’DAY Party in Singapore (February 2013)
  • Host of Blush Fashion Show 2013 (January 2013)
  • Lifestyle Blogger of (January 2013)
  • Blogger Ambassador of Poh Heng (November 2012)
  • Host of iN_Sauce (Fashion, beauty and lifestyle) by iN988
  • Co-Host of iN_Vite (Gadgets, gaming and anime/cosplay) by iN988
  • Co-Host of iN_Talks (Society as a whole) by iN988
  • Blogger Ambassador of LG Singapore (2006 – 2008)
  • … etc.

The Entrepreneur

I was brought up in a single-parent family, mainly us girls. Despite being very shy (talking to strangers was a struggle) and a lazy child, I was highly competitive – I participated in netball tournaments and ice figure skating competitions (represented Fuji Ice Palace Singapore). I performed on live television for modern dance during the local arts festival.

The turning point came when I was constantly bullied at school. Determined to make a change (thereabouts) when I turned 13, I took up a part-time job while doing freelance web designing. It wasn’t about the money but overcoming my fear of speaking to strangers.

Working was a great experience; it got me out of my shell. Ambitious, at 15, with a couple of my friends, we started a little “business” doing apparel wholesaling.

That experience taught me many things, especially the lesson on trust. After exiting my first somewhat failed business attempt not long after we started, I ventured into other businesses (e.g. pub) and eventually landed in the gaming space.

At 16-ish, I started a gaming network (powered by vBulletin), co-locating servers at data centres, then sponsored public game servers and rented private ones (mainly Counter-Strike) to local clans (and my own). Soon after, I merged with Singapore Gaming Network (SGGN). Together, we ran the “Singapore Ragnarok Online” private server. By (about) 18, I became the first vice president of the first registered gaming society in Singapore; and was involved in organising/coordinating the World Cyber Games.

Through this gaming venture, I made a terrific friend, Neo Wee Teck (my tech guru), co-founder of EN Technologies (since 2001), and we’ve since been working together (somewhat).

Later years, more current times, I am the founder or co-founder of;

Partner and contributor of;

And the pet of my business partners and friends. You can also check out my LinkedIn.

Looking to engage me for:

Ambassadorship and endorsement.
Brand advertising (e.g. advertorials, shoutouts, etc.).
Event, panel and speaking opportunities.
Public relations planning and management.
Digital and social media marketing.
Brand consultation and management.

Awards / Credentials:

  • Spirit of Enterprise 2022
  • 30 Entrepreneurs of the Year 2019 [ 1 | 2 | 3 ]
  • Lady Of Excellence 2015
  • CEO In Heels Of The Year 2015
  • Singapore Golden Brands 2015
  • CEO In Heels, June 2014

The Lifestyle Brand

Online, I’m better known as Princessa, an alter ego, online persona, pen name or however you want to call it, of the original version, which is myself, Sabrina Wang. The persona showcases a selective interpretation of my actuality – a little more “ditsy”, carefree, happy-go-lucky… and a little spoilt.

I started “blogging” (when the term “blogging” didn’t even exist and “social media” was fiction) in the 1990s, a mix of personal and web development over a 56k modem. Days when Angelfire and Lycos were striving.

Much has changed since, and so has my supposed “branding”.

When “blogging” popularised, I started adopting the nick “Princess Sabrina” (every girl wants to be a princess) and eventually shortened it to Princessa.

As the Princessa name caught on and the number of subscribers increased, it went from an online/blogging persona to becoming a fashion brand – like Rachel Zoe, Marc Jacobs, etc. – and PRINCESSA was born.

PRINCESSA by Sabrina Wang aims to be the premier lifestyle brand for modern women by creating products and services that enhance and complement the qualities of the individual.

PRINCESSA by SW was initially established as a fashion label to allow women to express themselves in clothes that enhance their personality and make them feel like royalty. After much success, it became a lifestyle brand that will provide new products that empower women to become better versions of themselves.

PRINCESSA by SW has created a range of gummies that provide numerous benefits, including enhanced beauty, immunity, and detoxification, enabling modern women to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

With many new upcoming product offerings, such as beauty gummies, jewellery, and home and living products, the brand is ever-expanding to accommodate the ever-growing needs of the modern woman.

PRINCESSA by SW is the brainchild of the renowned blogger and entrepreneur Sabrina Wang. Her love for everything glamorous and pink made her want to share her vision for modern women’s fashion with the world.

Since its inception, Sabrina has created fashion, art, and lifestyle products that accentuate the quality of the individual while adding a touch of flair to them.

The Team

Sabrina ‘Princessa’ Wang
Creator and Innovator

Edmund Lee
Supportive Hubby