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You might have seen me on

Upon hearing that Instagram was launching Reels to rival TikTok, I must confess my patience was tested. Another feature is crowding the Explore Page and our feeds. Must I create these bite-sized videos to expand my following? What’s a girl to do?

As months flew by...

My following has increased by over 20k in a mere thirty days!

And let me be clear. I did not resort to follow-unfollow tactics or any other shady methods to get a 50 percent increase in followers.

Reels catapulted my growth!

When I first ventured into posting Reels, they barely made a ripple. In fact, my reach and engagement fell below my regular posts. But, I persisted, studying, creating, and posting Reels, and…

I have finally unravelled the secret to turbocharging your growth and engagement using Reels!

What are Reels?

Reels, my darling, are the lifeblood of Instagram content, designed for you to craft and uncover short, captivating mini-films. It’s a bit like making a silver screen debut. Only you’re the director, star, and audience.

Reels have had a transformative effect on countless Instagram profiles, acting as a fairy godmother of sorts, accelerating growth and engagement like a sprinkling of pixie dust.

Why are they such a big deal?

Where can Reels be spotted?

Reels hold court on the Explore Page, an entire realm Instagram has set aside for this captivating content. They also make unexpected appearances in-feed amidst the whirl of relevant hashtags and even grace the main stage from time to time.

Is this for real, or should I say Reel?

Some have dubbed me the “Digital Princess“, but I’d rather let my accomplishments do the chatting! Here’s a look behind the curtain at my own account and the revolution Reels has ignited:

Does this strike a chord?

What if you could...

Does this strike a chord?

You unlock Instagram only to be greeted by a blank screen, clueless about what Reels to post…

What if you could...

Craft captivating and engaging videos that turn viewers into devoted followers.

Does this strike a chord?

You find yourself observing other creators witnessing a tidal wave of followers while yours feels more like a trickling brook?

What if you could...

Experience a wave of reach and witness your account blossom daily.

Does this strike a chord?

You’re overwhelmed by the mere idea of creating and editing video content?

What if you could...

Amplify your engagement and foster a passionate and interactive community.

Does this strike a chord?

You’re on the brink of renouncing your Instagram dreams because your Reels haven’t wooed in any reach?

What if you could...

Decipher precisely how the algorithm operates and manipulate it to your advantage.

Sounds tempting? Your throne awaits.

Welcoming the

Instagram Growth Accelerator

This exhaustive guide to conquering Reels has been patiently awaiting your arrival.

This accessible programme grants you the essential components to curate engaging and follower-attracting Reels.

Bid adieu to stagnant growth and warmly welcome a flood of fresh followers, eagerly anticipating your every post!

Payment options

Oh, don’t you love having options? Well, luckily for you, we’ve got plenty regarding payment! Let’s break it down – we accept credit cards, PayPal, PayNow, and good ol’ fashioned cash or cheque. So go ahead and pick your poison – we’ve got you covered!

Full payment

$ 249 Upon enrolment

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I'm primed to skyrocket my growth!

No more playing charades with Reels.
Finally, let the world feel your viral presence.
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Can Reels work for smaller creators like me?

I can almost hear your hesitations whispering, “Sabrina, darling, you’re already the belle of the ball with such an abundant audience; naturally, Reels would be your cup of tea!”

Well, allow me to introduce you to our esteemed Instagram Growth Accelerator attendees, who started as delicate blossoms with just a few hundred followers, but soon bloomed grandly when their Reels danced into the viral spotlight!

But my Reels aren't performing well!

Sprouting with Reels isn’t merely about sowing any whimsical idea that pops into your head; the algorithm isn’t an arbitrary fairy godmother who’ll randomly wave her magic wand and make your Reel a viral sensation. An elegant ballet of strategy exists behind viral Reels and essential ingredients that go into crafting top-notch Reels that truly shine!

But I don't have any professional camera equipment!

Here’s the tea, most of my viral Reels weren’t filmed with a veritable arsenal of professional equipment either! My faithful companions were my Samsung S20 and S23 Ultra and, on occasion, a stabiliser for that extra touch of smoothness in my footage.

We’ll also delve into the royal art of editing within mobile apps to help you effortlessly create captivating Reels on your phone!

I'm primed to let my Instagram presence sparkle like a royal tiara!

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Let's dive right in:

Realm 1: The Coronation of Reels

Realm 2: The Kingdom of Visual Artistry

Realm 3: The Enchanted Forest of Reels

Realm 4: The Royal Treasury of Reels

Realm 5: The Round Table of Reels Analysis

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Let's dive right in:

Chapter 1: A Royal Introduction to Reels
Chapter 2: Royal Edicts: Reels Settings and Updates
Chapter 3: The Throne Room: Understanding Reels Cover Pages
Chapter 4: The Court Jester: The Algorithm and its Juggling Act with Reels
Chapter 5: Masquerade Ball: Various Types of Reels
Chapter 6: Royal Decrees: Brainstorming Reel Ideas
Chapter 7: The Herald’s Cry: Spotting and Hopping on Trends
Chapter 8: A Touch of Midas: The Secret Formula for Viral Reels
Chapter 9: The Queen’s Speech: How to Keep Your Viewers Hooked
Chapter 10: The Bard’s Tale: Mastering the Art of Storytelling

Chapter 1: The Queen’s Court: Boosting Your Comfort Level on Camera
Chapter 2: The Royal Armory: Essential Gear for Video Recording
Chapter 3: Portrait of the Queen: Secrets to High-Quality Video Creation
Chapter 4: The Royal Carriage: Camera Movements and Filming Techniques
Chapter 5: Passage through the Castle Gates: Transitions Made Easy
Chapter 6: The Court Minstrel: The Power of Good Music in Videos
Chapter 7: The Lady-in-Waiting: Pro Tips for Solo Video Creation

Chapter 1: The Oracle’s Insight: Understanding Insights on Reels
Chapter 2: The Queen’s Courtiers: Converting Views into Followers
Chapter 3: The Golden Goose: What to Do After Going Viral?
Chapter 4: The Magic Mirror: Efficient Batch Creation of Reels
Chapter 5: The Royal Messenger: Repurposing Content Across Platforms

Chapter 1: Reels for the Business Monarchs

Chapter 1: The Old Wives’ Tales: Debunking Myths about Reels
Chapter 2: Royal Healing: Troubleshooting Reels
Chapter 3: Tales of Knights: Breaking Down Successful Reels
Chapter 4: Tales of Knights Continued: A Deeper Dive into Successful Reels
Chapter 5: Tales of Knights Concluded: Further Analysis of Successful Reels

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And let's not forget seven splendid tutorials:

Exhibition 1: The Royal Encounter: Crafting a "How we met" Reel

Behold, my loyal subjects! The magic behind my debut sensation, the “How we met” Reel, lies in your very hands! Yes, darlings, your mobile can be the wand that conjures viral wonders, and this tutorial shall be your grimoire!

What you'll acquire:

Exhibition 2: Reflections in the Palace Mirror: Five Mirror Photoshoot Ideas Reel

This tutorial shall guide you in weaving a straightforward yet enthralling narrative through your Reel, employing mere images and text! Furthermore, learn to harness the power of mobile apps to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary!

What you'll acquire: