Frozen, Chapter 5: The voice

It was getting late and Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf were packing up to return to their rooms to sleep. After hugging and kissing everyone good night, they returned to their rooms.

Elsa was trying to sleep when the voice calling her awakened her from her sleepy state. It grew louder and louder to the point where it was almost deafening for Elsa. She got up, went to the balcony and decided that whatever was bringing the voice into her head must stop.

She gathered her power and released it throughout Arendelle. She froze all the particles in the air, silencing the wind.

However, the voice calling her was still there. It was not in the wind – it was something else, somewhere further in the Enchanted Forest.

She let go of her powers and all the ice fragments fell from the air. She decided to follow the voice… right into the Enchanted Forest.

The crushing ice particles that fell upon Elsa leaving her room toward Enchanted Forest alerted Anna. She woke up and knew it must be her sister. She ran to Elsa’s room but she was not there anymore. The wind was blowing in from the balcony and it was extremely chilly.

Anna’s heart sank. She needed to find Elsa and somehow her gut feeling told her that Elsa was headed toward the Enchanted Forest. She packed and Anna knew that she must have gone to Enchanted Forest. Packing the leftover Avocado Toast with Hummus from Mosanco Enchanted Cafe, she left in search of Elsa.

Will Anna find her? Or is Elsa long gone? The next episode unveils next week.

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