Frozen, Chapter 1: Turning of the season

It’s the turning of the season, where the winds become colder and the leaves turn their colour.

Anna and Olaf are prancing around Arendelle looking for something to eat. Olaf was having a little bit of anxiety as he saw the seasons change because he really liked the heat and wondered what winter will bring.

Anna decides to take Olaf to Enchanted Cafe (they’ve opened a branch in fairytale land) because she was craving their Bonito x Smoked Salmon Toast. Anna was trying to convince Olaf that things are not going to change, just the temperature. Their family will still be there for each other and nothing is going to change.

However, Olaf did have something to be anxious about. It may be his magical connection with Elsa because even as they were having the conversation in the cosy comfort of Enchanted Cafe, the wind knocks on the window, trying to alert them that the winds will grow really strong and really cold – unlike the ones before…

What is brewing in this story? Order your favourite brews at Enchanted Cafe, located at 88 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218374, before the next episode unfolds next week.

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