My BFF TrickEye Adventure

When I first saw the postings on Facebook about the TrickEye Museum, I was determined to pay it a visit. I’ve always had this fantasy world in my head, and finally, I could actually materialise part of it in visual format. Problem with this brilliant plan of mine is… well… I’d need to convince someone to tag along with me. The whole tripod and trigger aren’t exactly the best way to go about it, I’m sure, the last alternative no doubt.

I asked Muki, but he couldn’t make it. I would have asked Priss first, but you know… Muki was the other special INTJ, Priss totally understands. Then, I asked Priss, and she said, “Okay.”


Bestie @deadpris and I @trickeyemuseumsg for the #FridaysAtTrickEyeTIN late September! Blogging soon, watch this space! #lifestyle #singaporeblogger #sgblogger #lifestyleblogger #singapore

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I don’t deny that I would have been more comfortable going with Priss to begin with. By default, Priss was my number one choice in just about anything. I could trust her with my life, but more importantly, I trusted her with photo taking of me. I don’t really like taking photos, not really because I didn’t like capturing moments in visual format, or that I didn’t like my own face (I do take selfies); I just don’t like not being able to control the results of the photo, or rather, not being able to modify it (I dare say, I’m a PhotoShop expert).

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