Frozen, Chapter 7: Searching for Elsa

The waitress packed her some food from Enchanted Cafe for her journey; Breakfast Hash along with Croissant w Stuffing, because she knew it would be a long and arduous journey ahead. She bid Anna goodbye as she disappeared through the portal.

Anna ran back to the palace and got Sven, Kristoff and Olaf. It was dawn and she was running out of time. Elsa must be far ahead now, but at least she knew where to find her.

On the way to find Elsa, Anna was explaining to Sven, Kristoff and Olaf what had happened when she journeyed through the secret portal and what was told to her about the future of Elsa. However, it was important that they did it together instead of letting Elsa do it alone.

She told them about their grandfather who “gifted” the Northuldra people a dam to weaken their waters and then ordered an ambush of the Northuldra people, killing their leader himself. Because Elsa’s journey is too far and too dangerous, Anna believes that more people should be there so she can accomplish what needs to be done for the people of Northuldra and Arendelle.

However, as she was uncovering the story, Olaf started to disintegrate in Anna’s arms. Olaf is gone… which means Elsa is in danger… or gone too!

What will happen next? Stay tuned next week for the last episode.

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