Frozen, Chapter 6: Where is Elsa?

Enchanted forest in the night was not as friendly as it was in daylight. It was dark and Anna could not find her way through the thickening mist. She was fumbling through the woods when suddenly, she started falling. She started to feel like she was falling upward, not downwards and she found herself standing outside a cafe that looked almost similar to the one in Arendelle.

Enchanted Cafe?

Where am I?

A waitress from inside the cafe spotted her and brought her inside and explained that she was at 88 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218374.

Anna told her that she was trying to find her sister, Elsa and that she fled the palace in the middle of the night.

“She was here yesterday,” the waitress told Anna.

Seeing Anna’s shock, the waitress brought her a cup of Mosanco Tea to help her relax and told her that in her world, she already knew how her story would end.

The waitress told her that her sister has been called to the deeper parts of Enchanted Forest, a place where no one can go because it has been blocked by a magical mist. She also explained to Anna that Elsa was en route to Ahtohallan, a mythical river told by their mother to contain all explanations of the past.

Anna urged the waitress to lead her back home because Ahtohallan is a dangerous place and Elsa cannot head over there alone, even with her strong powers!

Will Anna be too late? Was the waitress at Enchanted Cafe telling the truth? We will only know next week…

In the meantime, head over to 88 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218374, and enjoy a meal that certainly has less suspense than this story.

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