Rapunzel, Chapter 3: Something beefy!

Rapunzel let her hair down and her mother climbed up to the tower. But her mother could smell something different.

“Rapunzel, are YOU hiding something from me?” her mother asked.

“Urm no,” Rapunzel whimpered.

“My dear, you can’t hide anything from me,” her mother replied.

In a blink of an eye, the unfinished Enchanted Cafe’s Beef Pie with Mash and Cheese was on her mother’s palms.

“EXPLAIN, RAPUNZEL!” her mother roared.

Rapunzel had to tell her about the magic portal that leads to Enchanted Cafe, located at 88 Rangoon Road, Singapore.

Her mother took a taste…

Will Rapunzel be spared of her mother’s wrath? Be here next week to find out because it’s time to head over to Enchanted Cafe for their Beef Pie with Mash and Cheese.

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