Rapunzel, Chapter 4: Mother knows best!


It was delicious! Rapunzel’s mother had to find this portal!

Without saying a word, she hopped off the window, slid down Rapunzel’s hair and hurried off in search of the portal. She asked many people along the way. Some knew but some didn’t.

After travelling for the whole day, she FOUND THE MAGIC PORTAL!

Rapunzel was right! She jumped in and found herself in the real world, OUR world. In front of Enchanted Cafe at 88 Rangoon Road, Singapore.

But poor Rapunzel was left at her tower, crying her eyes out. She was afraid her mother would DESTROY Enchanted Cafe because Rapunzel knows she has the capability to cause destruction to anything Rapunzel likes…

Will Rapunzel’s mother destroy Enchanted Cafe? Find out next week! As for you, just walk straight in because of Enchanted Cafe and indulge in our Berry Bliss Bowl to cool off from a cliff hanger in this story.

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