Rapunzel, Chapter 6: Hangry vibes

Days and months passed and no one came for Rapunzel’s hair. By this time, the food at the tower was running out. Rapunzel and her mother were hungry!

Rapunzel could not take it anymore. She cried and asked her mother what she was up to!

“Mother, take me to Enchanted Cafe! We have been eating close to rotten mushrooms and carrots for weeks. I need real and delicious food,” Rapunzel cried

Rapunzel’s mother was expecting someone to follow her back and steal Rapunzel’s hair. She also got tired of waiting because it seems like no one was coming to steal anything!

She concluded that Enchanted Cafe was indeed a safe place for Rapunzel to venture out too!

She disguised Rapunzel and her hair and set out for the magic portal that leads to 88 Rangoon Road, Singapore.

They jumped through and walked right into Enchanted Cafe. For the first time, Rapunzel could experience the world and she had a ball of a time. The atmosphere in Enchanted Cafe brought Rapunzel and her mother closer together, melting away her mother’s constant anxiety!

A new story unfolds next week. While waiting, visit Enchanted Cafe to release yourself from any anxiety you might be feeling.

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