Rapunzel, Chapter 1: In a land far, far, FARRRRR away

In a land far, far, FARRRRR away there lived a girl with extremely long hair, in a tall tower. She spoke to no one, except for her mother and the birds that flew to nest at the tower.

Her name is Rapunzel.

She was forbidden to leave the tower by her mother because she was told that the world was a cruel place. However, she knew better because the birds told about how beautiful the world outside is!

One day, she heard the news about another world that can be reached through a magic portal. It leads all enchanted creatures to Enchanted Cafe at 88 Rangoon Road, Singapore.

Curious, she asked her flying friends to bring back a piece of Enchanted Cafe because there was no way she could get out of her tower!

Her flying friends flew through the portal, explained to the kind staff of the Enchanted Cafe about the predicament. Out of their kindness, they packed the Beef Pie with Mash and Cheese.

Will the birds deliver this precious meal to Rapunzel safely?

Find out what happens next week as the story unfolds…

In the meantime, you are not stuck on a tower so head over to Enchanted Cafe to get your dose of MAGIC!

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