Top 5 Long Hairdos for Bridesmaids 2015

Long hair is versatile and has many styling options. If you have long hair and are going to attend a wedding as a bridesmaid, you may be wondering which hairstyle will be appropriate for the occasion. There are numerous options for long hairstyles to choose from, from ponytails and braids to buns and French up-dos. Browse through the following fabulous hairstyles for long hair for bridesmaids in 2015.

Curly Waterfall Braids

This maiden hairstyle would probably be the most flattering hairstyle for long hair. Flaunt your long mane with this less fussy but elegant hairstyle to stand out at the wedding. When braided in curls, this hairstyle looks even prettier and more composed than most hairstyles. This hairstyle creates a beautiful illusion of a waterfall as the name suggests. This style is usually worn at the back of the head but can also be worn sideways for a more dramatic impact. Beautiful tiny flowers can also be added on this hairstyle to look even prettier.

Loose Updos


Loose up-do hairstyles are sassy and add volume to the hair. They can be in form of braids or just styled up curls. Curls would be more appropriate for weddings as they tend to be more casual than tight up-dos. Braided up-dos also look amazing on long hair. The longer the hair the more voluminous the hair would look. Enhance the sassiness of the hair with dazzling accessories such as beautiful hair pins or flowers to blend in the wedding mood.

Modern French Twist


The French twist takes many forms depending on the occasion. For a wedding, a loose and beautifully messy French twist will do just perfect. This up-do hairstyle is appropriate for long hair if one is looking to tame the long mane. The French twist is a sophisticated hairstyle that adds class to a wedding look. The hairstyle will even look better if a pair of pretty studs or earrings is added to the look.


Wearing your hair natural creates an audacious impression. Long natural hair can be really appealing if it is well taken care of. You can opt to really take care of your hair several weeks before the wedding to make sure it is perfect when the time comes. To add bliss to the natural look, you can add a fabulous flower crown to match the colors of the wedding .Besides real flower crowns, there are ready made jewelry crowns sold at bridal stores to satisfy your fancy. Natural hairdos are simple and effortlessly tasteful without overpowering the bride.

Up-down Combo


This refers to hair partly tied up and partly hanging down. This is a convenient way to wear long hair without having to deal with the overwhelming nature of long hair. A half section of the hair can be braided and the other section can remain hanging making sure that you flaunt your long hair without a fuss. The simplicity of this hairstyle makes it even more appealing for a wedding. To spruce up the look, accessorize with beautiful earrings or a stunning neckpiece.

Regardless of the hairstyle you choose, it is important to remember that it is the bride’s day and too much can overwhelm the bride’s look. The bride is the focus of the occasion and you should not try too hard to change that.

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