Rapunzel, Chapter 5: Trust issues

Without hesitation, Rapunzel’s mother went in and was warmly welcomed by the staff. She wanted to see what this place was about. If it had any potential of stealing Rapunzel’s golden hair, she would DESTROY it!

She was seated and ordered a Berry Bliss Bowl to which she enjoyed thoroughly.

She looked around and questioned all the staff about magic powers and golden hair. The staff did not know anything about it – the only magic they knew was about the magical food they serve!

The place seems… safe!

To test if the staff was lying, she bought Mosanco Tea and intended to bring it back to Rapunzel’s tower. She wanted to see if any of the staff would follow her to steal Rapunzel’s hair. It was difficult for her to trust anyone!

After purchasing Mosanco Tea, she disappeared through the magic portal and made her way back to Rapunzel’s tower.

Did anyone from Enchanted Cafe trail her steps?

Check out what happens next week. In the meantime, sip on Mosanco Tea at Enchanted Cafe and let the magic of the drink bring wellness to your body.

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