Set the office a-blazer

Do you know what is the hottest fashion piece this year?

The blazer!

Yes, office wear is on the runway, on the streets and of course, at the workplace. But it is not those boring blacks, greys and browns, they are back in spunky attitude and it can make a casual outfit look more put together and cute!

Since blazers are spotted everywhere, we thought we’d go on a shopping spree and introduce some office wearables that will get nods from your colleagues and attention from your clients. Where did we go? Shopbop, of course!

Rebecca Taylor Tweed Jacket

We’ll start with something more feminine in this pink tweed jacket in plain weave. How can you wear this? Perfect for casual workdays when you can throw on a white T-shirt and light ankle length jeans, top it off with this jacket so you’ll still look presentable. Plus, tweed comes in breathable, lightweight fabrics now and you can wear it any time of the year, provided you have innerwear that suits the weather.

Rosetta Getty Fitted Blazer

Bring on old school nostalgia into the office in this double-breasted orange and white blazer. It screams, ‘I am a creative person, don’t mess with my ideas’ and we are loving it. Perfect for the pop of colour in any monotonous setting, it also aids in lifting up your mood, especially if you’ve been called to sit in an ultra-serious meeting.
Be that sunshine!

Joie Albertyne Blazer Dress

There was a time when people called secretaries, sexy-taries. But ugh, we women know that more and more of us are boss babes now – and we don’t mind being sexy while we are at it. We don’t need to be part of the labels men give us. That is why we are loving this blazer dress. You can wear this with skinny pants or turn the heat up in stockings and stilettos, we know you are a working lady that gets the job done, in immaculate style.

Jason Wu Grey Mini Check Suit Jacket

When you are lazy (we all feel this way sometimes) but still want to look polished, this blazer does double duty as a top and a blazer. Lightweight with an adjustable belt at the waist is the quick fix you need to head out the door looking polished and ready to take on the world. A little wrap at the front also gives it a feminine touch to the whole look.

Pallas Eden Jacket

Can we talk about the gorgeous colour of this blazer! For those of you who are not so keen on being flamboyant with your office blazers, you can start off with a solid colour. A double-breasted silhouette with notched lapels can be worn over a black shift dress or black pants with a sturdy white shirt. You can even wear this over a cute outfit during the weekends to elevate your look!

Are you looking to get yourself a blazer? Look no further than what we have here for you. There is one to suit your style, you just have to be willing to try those looks out with these versatile pieces.

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