Be fashionable on a bargain: Shopbop’s under USD 200 fashion finds

On a budget? Well, you have come to the right place! Being fashionable does not necessarily entail spending every penny you have worked hard for. Especially this Christmas season, with shopping abound for all types of gifts, it is better to save a bit and buy on a bargain. Remember, the price of the item does not dictate how well your OOTD will turn out.

If you are not convinced, here are some of the items we found in Shopbop that will surely make you swoon.

Levi’s Made & Crafted 501 Crop Jeans

All year round, you will probably be needing those comfortable jeans, and Levi’s had proven time and again just how soft and durable their clothes are. In the summer, you can partner this with a pastel top, while in the winter, it is perfect with an oversized sweater. If there is something definitely worth your money, it would be the jeans you can use for years to come!

Sam Edelman Kinzey Booties

It is the season of boots, so better buckle up and spice up your boot game! This pair of Barbie pink boots are a feast for the eyes, don’t go overboard and partner it up with more bright colours. Stick to blacks, greys, and nudes to emphasise just how chic your pink boots are.

Lioness Tell Me Lies Dress

Whoever said floral patterns only belong in the summer? There’s always something romantic about floral patterns, especially with the low V-neck design of this one. To make your outfit more dreamy, accessorise a bit by placing a necklace (nothing too fancy!) on your neck.

Madewell Rectangle Stripe Scarf

Unless you live in the Arctic regions, winter and fall are probably the only seasons you can wear scarves. Just like with boots, the more unique your scarf is this season, the more stylish you can look! Given that, this rectangle patterned beauty is the right choice for you! Even if you are wearing the typical white shirt and jeans, you can still look chic with this scarf on in a jiffy.

Parker Chris Skirt

Need we say more? Plaid is one of my personal favourites—it does not only remind me of school days but more importantly, it tells of how a high school Blair Waldorf can rule New York while wearing this. If you want to be a queen like her, you better add this to your shopping bag before it becomes sold out!

To see the full collection, head to Shopbop website now. I am pretty sure the perfect one at the right price is just waiting for you.

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