An exclusive Shopbop edition Christmas gift guide for him

Just a few days left before the most anticipated day of the year, Christmas!

Have you completed your holiday wish list yet?

Well, whether you’ve started your naughty or nice list or not, there’s one thing that always boggle our minds this season— boys!

Well, time to scratch that thought, of course, after being pampered for the entire year, finding the perfect present for the men in our lives this coming Christmas is pretty much nothing!

Lo and behold, Shopbop did the nitty gritty curation and provided us with a list of must-get items the boys in our lives will be eternally grateful for!

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Here are some of the choices that caught our attention. Oh dear! Your brother, the dad, loved one, co-worker, or boss will definitely love these gifts to tiny weeny bits!

STANCE Warped Chewbacca Socks

Under a budget this season? Well, the best gifts don’t necessarily have to be expensive. Just look at this Star Wars socks! For less than 20 dollars, you will surely bring a smile to that man’s face, after all, most of the real men out there are definitely Star Wars fanatics!

Fred Perry Twin Tipped Fred Perry Shirt

You could never go wrong with a white polo shirt! If you’re unsure of what to give that special person, then it’s time to let your worries disappear in a puff of smoke! At one point in his life, actually, numerous points in his life, he will definitely need a white polo shirt to wear to work, on a date, or just anywhere doing anything. Maybe except while eating chilli crab, just maybe.

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Tom Dixon Tank Whisky Glasses

These days, celebrations are so abundant with hard liquor that receiving whiskey glasses like these will be a real delight for your guy friend, dad, or even your hot, single guy boss! When they’re too tired from work or need an extra pair for guests during drinking sessions, these will come in handy!

Tumi Harrison Nylon Webster Backpack

Not only would you be helping him to shift to the next level in fashion sense with this bag, but this gift is also pretty useful in many modern social situations. He can use it while travelling or as an everyday work bag while looking simply in and fabulous.

Bang & Olufsen B&O Play E6 In-Ear Wireless Earphones

Whether he’s an extroverted gym enthusiast or an introverted person who loves to read books all day, you can never go wrong with your present if you get him a pair of earphones. As a bonus, this pair is also much more stylish than the ones available in the regular electronic store!

Polo Ralph Lauren Ski Bear Scarf

Don’t let your close guy friend freeze to death during these cold weather months! Get him this chic scarf from Polo Ralph Lauren that will not only keep him warm but would also certainly make him look much more sophisticated than his peers. He would be eternally grateful for something as well-thought and heartfelt as of this!

What are you waiting for?

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