ENFP females are INFJ males, destroyer?

Recently, I’m doing research online about the MBTI, numerology, enneagram, horoscope, etc. I’m obsessed beyond your wildest imagination. Whenever I get some free time and space, I start wrapping my brain around this topic, reading one article after another. I’m trying to formulate this ultimate profiling method, which clearly I’m not going to succeed in, simply because there are just TOO MANY possibilities. The main objective for this is to the people who are the pillars of my organisation, to shorten the process, I brought in the expert instead. I’m still doing my research, but this whole “ultimate profiling method” is more of a pet project of mine.

So anyway, of the many theories, so to speak, I’m most fascinated by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). I’ve somewhat convinced myself in the most ridiculous manner you can imagine, my soulmate would be an INTJ. Haha. Did I mention my whole family consist of psychopaths: https://www.princessadiary.com/wall/2013/02/wtfbbq-my-house-is-filled-with-psychopaths-so. Ah well.

I’ve been thinking about blogging the whole MBTI thingy for a while now, in fact, I’ve stocked up quite a number of my thoughts. I haven’t quite structured them properly, so it’s still in the stash at the moment.

Here’s how this morning’s chain wall updates happened. I woke up at 8am thinking gym was going to be at 10am only to find out it’s at 1.30pm instead. It affected my schedule, and I’ve grown VERY particular about schedules. So, to be honest, I’m a little displeased with myself about it. That said, I have backup plans, reading being one of them.

I find this statement loads of laughs, “How is anyone surprised. You need only look at Pinkie Pie to see the crazy that is ENFP!

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