ENFP females are INFJ males, destroyer?

Recently, I’m doing research online about the MBTI, numerology, enneagram, horoscope, etc. I’m obsessed beyond your wildest imagination. Whenever I get some free time and space, I start wrapping my brain around this topic, reading one article after another. I’m trying to formulate this ultimate profiling method, which clearly I’m not going to succeed in, simply because there are just TOO MANY possibilities. The main objective for this is to the people who are the pillars of my organisation, to shorten the process, I brought in the expert instead. I’m still doing my research, but this whole “ultimate profiling method” is more of a pet project of mine.

So anyway, of the many theories, so to speak, I’m most fascinated by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). I’ve somewhat convinced myself in the most ridiculous manner you can imagine, my soulmate would be an INTJ. Haha. Did I mention my whole family consist of psychopaths: https://www.princessadiary.com/wall/2013/02/wtfbbq-my-house-is-filled-with-psychopaths-so. Ah well.

I’ve been thinking about blogging the whole MBTI thingy for a while now, in fact, I’ve stocked up quite a number of my thoughts. I haven’t quite structured them properly, so it’s still in the stash at the moment.

Here’s how this morning’s chain wall updates happened. I woke up at 8am thinking gym was going to be at 10am only to find out it’s at 1.30pm instead. It affected my schedule, and I’ve grown VERY particular about schedules. So, to be honest, I’m a little displeased with myself about it. That said, I have backup plans, reading being one of them.

I find this statement loads of laughs, “How is anyone surprised. You need only look at Pinkie Pie to see the crazy that is ENFP!

Here’s the thread I’m reading, in case you’re interested: http://www.infjs.com/forums/showthread.php?t=22534.

Fyi, I signed up to numerous forums. I probably won’t be commenting, I’m simply harvesting information.

“I have one ex-friend ENFP, one current friend ENFP, BIL is an ENFP and my youngest son is an ENFP. In the following respect they are all the same: they want to be part of the most exciting thing “at the moment.” So when the fun is over, they are very quick to move on,” says Sriracha.

Depends on the context, but generally true. I personally don’t linger around so as not to pick up any negativity. I can’t afford to be demoralized… guess that’s why my shields are pretty much in full defensive mode right now.

“I’m not sure I’ve known any ENFPs, but how would you best describe their personality in action? They typically move around a lot from people to people? Sounds like a party host who talks to all the guests… ” says Horatio.

Wahahahaha pretty much accurate. ;x

“I just got out of a relationship with an ENFP. They’re actually great, I admire them becuse they are very honest with themselves, despite how crazy they appear to others (they’re usually oblivious to it though). But ENFP’s love high stakes, the rush, the thrill, the chase when it comes to romantic pursuits, unless you’re able to maintain that fire they’ll end up looking elsewhere,” says Izan.

More or less accurate… except, we (or rather, I) can stick around long-term, as long as you communicate more? It’s not about the “fire” it’s about the communication. But yes, once in a while, it’d be nice to be thrilled.

Anyway, like most N types, we think about the possibilities A LOT. So much so that sometimes, it may be projected out of proportion, in the wrong direction altogether.

The words of another ENFP female.

“I do think it is an issue of maturity. It’s almost like we’re programmed to seek thrill. If we want to be mature adults, many times we have to fight that urge. Boyfriend and I have been in a long distance relationship for about a year now, and it is not consistently super thrilling, but I love him and we’ve mutually decided to be committed to each other, so I’m in it for the long run. If you get lucky, you can find an ENFP who works hard to find thrills within the relationship she’s in. For example, I try to find something new about Boyfriend every month so I can tell him how much I appreciate it. The biggest issue we have is communication: I want lots of it because I like attention and he wants not so much of it because he likes space. So, he tells me when I’m being a little too much for him to process* and I tell him when I’d really like to hear from him. I think the ENFP just has to be really aware of her tendency to seek thrill and be willing to call herself out on it,” says rahlenders.

*Clap clap* she took the words right out of my mouth. There’s more…

“As for seeing potential when it may or may not actually be there, I will say this: You should know that the lady ENFP in question has probably, at very least, considered you an option. We tend to do that. We consider everyone an option, and typically latch onto whomever shows us attention first. Now, this is very dangerous behavior as not every guy (and girl for that matter) is a fine, upstanding member of the community. More mature ENFPs will more carefully consider their options. I got lucky, admittedly. Boyfriend is a really good man, and he cares a lot about me, so I wasn’t jumping into anything dangerous. I found him extremely intriguing, so I kept talking to him. But then I realized I was being creepy, so I kept my distance for a while, and that’s when he came after me.

Know this: We find the quiet men ridiculously interesting. There may or may not be ulterior motives behind her interest in you, but she may also just be genuinely interesting in pursuing friendship with you,” says rahlenders.

It’s true. Everyone is an option (so long as it’s still open), the one that shows us attention first is probably the one highest on our priority list. Also, I guess we do tend to back off when we somewhat feel we’re being too aggressive (too concerned what people think/feel). And yes, I do find quiet men ridiculously interesting.

“Do be careful when selecting an ENFP for yourself, we’re a tricky bunch. But we’re pretty worth it, I think. That might just be the ENFP talking, though.

*I would recommend being careful about approaching this, as the preponderance of ENFPs don’t take criticism too well. However, we do understand that you need to communicate your issues and struggles in order for a relationship to thrive,” says rahlenders.

I couldn’t have said it better much. Oh wait, I could have but yeah… this pretty much works. ;x

The thread I’m reading is about ENFP-INFJs. I’m a lot more attracted to INTJs because they tend to get me thinking more, which appeals to me.

Sadly, the one I’m currently head over heels about is starting to make me realise I’m living too much in my own world (my mind is an interesting catastrophic mess, with a castle in the clouds). What I see in him is the possibilities (mainly due to our common interest that was brought up doing initial conversations) and superficial factors as well. But in reality, it’s good to say, we don’t actually get along? Perhaps we’re just not trying hard enough? Or maybe…

Actually, this is a pointless debate that’s been going on in my head since the very beginning. What works for me and what does is quite straight forward, I just need the feeling of being needed. If you give me the feeling that you want/need me around, I’d be there. Similarly, if I feel unwanted/not needed, *poof* I’m gone. Of course, it’s different when in a serious relationship. But generally, that’s how my mind functions.

Back to the guy again, it would help if more external moral support is provided, I’d be more tuned to working towards success instead of deeming it as failure already. Unfortunately, it seems everyone can’t wait for me to move on to the next better contender. About 100 percent of the people around me that knows my “love story” is placing their bet on P, which is one hell of an interesting and absolutely SWEET story, I can promise you that. Again, I’ll leave that to another entry.

Despite all that’s said, at this point, it all makes no sense whatsoever. Nothing matters anymore, I stop caring, feeling or whatever you call it. I’m 100 percent focused on my current project, and in full defensive mode right now. I don’t even feel like much of an **FP anymore.

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