Up your holiday game: Shopbop’s vacation must-haves

It is already a given that everyone’s favourite day is a holiday. Any holiday is a good day! And to make things even better, you have the chance to go all out in your wardrobe during this season.

Can’t wear that hot pink bikini in the city? Well, I am pretty sure that the locals in the Bahamas would not mind! To help you achieve that best-dressed holiday look is it strolling old European streets, backpacking across South America, or lounging around the Hamptons, Shopbop has narrowed down the choices for you. You will surely look paparazzi-ready with these fashion items on.

Artisans of IQ Isabela Tote

On top of our list is this woven bag that would surely be the envy of many! A stark contrast to the black leather most working girls prefer to use when they are in the city; this bag will be a refreshing change for you.

PilyQ Tulum Carolina Skirt

Whether you are walking by the beach, having a romantic picnic outdoors, or strolling along the local markets, this skirt would be the perfect one to wear. The natural design is pleasing to the eyes, and the fabric of this skirt assures you that you would not feel the heat too much.

Mara Hoffman Bella Top

Another one of our much-coveted picks, this top belongs straight out of a Vogue shoot in Bali! The green and white stripes is a right combination, not too striking, and it also complements most skin tones.

ViX Swimwear Jasper Bia Bikini Top

The blue-green hue of this swimwear is the perfect embodiment of the world’s most pristine oceans. It is pretty hard to find a swimsuit with gem-like colours, so I suggest you add this to your shopping bag in an instant.

Tory Sport Tech Knit Slides

How quaint! One of our favourite things to wear on a Holiday would be slippers or slides! Gone are the days when are forced to enclose our toenails or wear heels. Now, we have the chance to wear the most comfortable footwear humankind has invented. Just a caution, make sure you pick something still fashionable like this Tory Sports Slides!

No. 21 Cat Eye Sunglasses

A day out in the sun is only complete if you have the most elegant shades on! In Shopbop’s collection, there is a wide array of choices; therefore you will have the time of your life in choosing the most sought-after sunglasses to match your smashing OOTDs.

Intrigued? Head on to Shopbop to see more of their items. You never know you might find that missing piece for your already-packed luggage.

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