Insight on How to Look for Quality Leather Footwear

The quality of leather that you decide to go for will greatly determine the service rendered as well as durability. Some aspects to look for when selecting leather are invisible to an ordinary eye. However an expert will take their time to observe a leather shoe, detail to detail until they are convinced that it is indeed of high quality. Did you know that leather has several grades? Footwear might indeed be made from quality leather but it doesn’t mean that it is of high quality.

When spread out, leather has various areas for instance; the belly, butt, spine, fore and hind shank shaft, cheek, face and the bend. These different areas produce varying qualities of shoes hence the need to know which part to go for. The leather around the spine is always the best. The top area is always tough but the quality reduces downwards towards the belly. The belly hide is soft, saggy, wrinkled and has vein. Leather footwear made from this area is likely to be more susceptible to wear and tear hence less durable.

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