Are you ready for Shopbop’s holiday treat?

Christmas is just around the corner, and in true Shopbop fashion, they are giving their most loyal customers another reason to be jolly, like what one of our most favourite Christmas songs sings about. If you think the 11.11 sale was the highlight of your year, then you may have spoken too soon!

From November 20 to 27, 2018, Shopbop will be giving you an extra Christmas present-you can get up to an additional 25 percent off for the sale items you will be purchasing! Well, the spirit of giving, isn’t that what Christmas is indeed about? Before you get too caught up with all this excitement, here are the complete details of the promotion:

Here is the promo code: MORE18

Promotion details

15 percent OFF orders of USD 200 and above
20 percent OFF orders of USD 500 and above
25 percent OFF orders of USD 800 and above

As a glimpse of what you could be getting on the 20th, here are some of the items we are definitely keeping an eye on.

Moschino Logo Combo Hoodie

(Click image to purchase!)

If you are looking for an edgy sweater, then your search may have finally concluded with this uniquely designed hoodie from Moschino. It will be hard to find another sweater as impressive as this one, so we advise you to add it to your shopping cart immediately!

Vatanika Pinstripe Ruffle Blazer Dress

(Click image to purchase!)

Feeling like your work outfits are too dull as of late? Worry no more once you have this quaint little blazer dress from Vatanika! You will look absolutely chic and fashionable in the boardroom.

Self Portrait Flounced Check Skirt

(Click image to purchase!)

Here is one skirt that will put you in the A-list in an instant! If you are interested in something that will differentiate you from the crowd, then here is one skirt that will never bore you!

AESTHER EKME Mini Triangle Satchel

(Click image to purchase!)

This bag is the epitome of good quality and design, so what are you dawdling for? The best thing about this bag is that you can use it every day, meaning, you really will be getting your money’s worth!

Milly Fitted Blazer

(Click image to purchase!)

Jewel tones will forever be one of our favourite styles! This magnetic blue blazer, especially, will leave a deep impression on whoever gazes upon them. Whoever said a girl boss cannot be fashionable at the same time?

Craving for more? Hurry to their site before everything gets sold out!

Here is the promo code once again: MORE18

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