Sneak preview of Zara’s flagship outlet at VivoCity

Zara Singapore reopened their biggest outlet in Singapore at VivoCity, last Friday (May 11th, 2018), thanks to Georgiana from Access Communications, I managed to land our PINC team some limited ‘invite-only’ passes to get the first-hand shopping experience! (Unfortunately, I had a business trip to Jakarta, hence couldn’t personally attend.)

Taking this from a third party perspective; there was cocktails, small bites and not to mention a space file with the latest Zara apparel. “We were one of the lucky few invited to tour the large outlet before it was officially open to the public,” said our dumb dumb CCO Edmund.

Like you, reading this article, I’m experiencing what they experienced through the endless (okay a slight exaggeration there) through the same photos you’ll be looking at as you scroll downwards!

Retro or classic? Your pick.

I’ve always liked knitted items. Tons of them in my wardrobe.

My kind of blend of colours, with a pinch of classy-ness in its style.

Spotted! Who’s Francis messaging? (Maybe the wife-y?)

I love dangling earrings, but this might be a little of an overkill, your thoughts?

Totally not my style, but the flowers do “stand out” eh?

Now, this is me on a casual day.

I’m not sure what’s going on here, a bit of a mix of styles. Love the denim, shorts and tee though.

So where’s Mini?

For the little ones.

I spy… shiny sneakers!

Wait, isn’t that Ed’s new friend? Haha.

Ladies or gents?

The gentlemen’s section.

Who’s hand is that? Can you guess?

Say hhooooooodddie!

More menswear than expected. Are the guys in for a treat?

Now, this is classic. (Not so much for me.)

Ed was raving about the red slippers. Where’s Dorothy? “There’s no place like home.”

There are tons more photos, but these are some I filtered out for your viewing pleasure. (Not to mention my hosting and bandwidth limitations, any more photos and it’d probably take forever to load.)

Maybe great minds think alike; I’m surprised Edmund (who is also my husband) took a shot of these pair of heels. I totally love them! Cinderella glass slippers?

Uh huh, it is Ed’s new friends!

While that’s happening, Francis was…

Enjoying his snacks! Haha.

Nice kicks?

Yup, you’ve guessed it, Francis bought them!

If it were any other day, it’d probably be packed.

Thank god for him, it’s not one of those days.

I can see myself in this, though I’d say it’d look better on Ed.

In case you’re wondering, Zara at Vivocity opens from 10am to 10pm every day. It is less than five minutes walk away from Harbourfront MRT station, so hop by when you can?

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