Fanny packs are back because It’s the ’90s all over again

The days when fanny packs are considered lame, out-of-season, and uncool are over after you read this article!

This fall season, fanny packs are one of the most sought-after fashion items for all women out there, as it can bring your whole look to another level!

Need help with using your fanny packs?

Well, we’ve got your back! Here are some fun and not-so-typical ways to make sure that your fanny packs are styled in the right direction:

1. Make a statement by angling your fanny pack down at the front!

Rebecca Minkoff Edie Quilted Belt Bag

This is the best way to show everyone how loud, proud, and easy to use your fanny pack can be! It doesn’t hide your style, and instead can be the bit of interesting your outfit was missing on the get-go!

2. This Fanny Pack may just be the pop of colour that gives your style a fuller look!

Complet Valery Micro Belt Bag

Never look boring with fanny packs that are the brightest of all colours! You’d look extra delightful if you match your ruby red fanny pack with nudes, greys, or blacks.

3. Patterns on patterns? No worries! This fanny pack may just be the missing piece of unique in your usual patterned outfit!

Marc Jacobs M/L Sport Belt Bag

Some are people may feel like this is too much, but on the contrary, it makes any outfit look hip and on the trend. Never settle for the usual, if you can stun a crowd!

4. Who said only backpacks can be carried on your back?

Alexander Wang Attica Soft Fanny Pack

If you want to flaunt your sizzling backside without a hassle, all you have to do is place your fanny pack there, and like magic, it can create wonders on your style from the back! You also don’t have to worry about it stealing the spotlight from your whole outfit.

5. Your perfect fall outfit is not complete without this pink masterpiece!

Yuzefi Lola Belt Bag

Out of all the fanny styles here, this is my personal favourite when I need to look classy, and yet still in with the times! You can style it by just putting it on the side or centre since it already makes a mark on its own.

How would you style your fanny pack?

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