Fashion is the Essence of Beauty, Poh Heng

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Love not what I hate but what I love!

What makes or breaks a look isn’t just the make-up you wear, the colour or design of an apparel you put on but also the mix of the perfect pair of shoes and perfect set of accessories.

Sadly, as working adults or even studying teens (and sometimes adults as well) in this fast pace society, living in this modern environment, time is always on the essence. We are given little to no time to build our storyboard for the perfect look. Most of the time, it’s pick and go. Haven’t you heard the comment, “Hey, you know, your shoes really doesn’t go with the dress you’re wearing?” Common, it happens to all of us, be it mix matching shoes, bracelets, earrings and/or necklaces, etc. I’ve experienced instances that my top didn’t go with my bottom. Embarrassing much? Tell me about it.

To make matters worst, having to attend functions, events, meetings and so on… this element, the element of my superficial image is judged even more than the average OL (office lady). I’m not being arrogant here, I’m stating a fact. Simply tagging a picture #fashion of an outfit I wore that isn’t exactly fashion per se, I was mocked. (Fyi, #fashion just happens to be one of those keywords I hashtag by default.)

The world can be a cruel place, with any amount of fame (even if it’s just ten) comes the responsibility of providing the ideal public image for those that supposedly admire you. How you behave, how you speak/type, all the way down to what you wear, positions you differently.

Unknowingly, I’ve become to conscious about the superficial appearance, sometimes I neglect comfort, making my life a little more difficult day to day. The rise of COE is not helping at all.

So now, let me just share with a couple of not-so-fashion fashion tips that is easy to pull off yet still gives you a pinch of elegance and sophistication. Trust me, I’m Princessa, which means Princess and this is a “royal diary”! Haha. Joke.

The simple black gown that’s good enough even for the red carpet.

Simply because it is black and simple enough, a pair of simple or, if you like, glamorous heels (bling it up ladies) can go perfectly with the gown. However, bare in mind, for a gown that touches the ground, you need some for of elevation to adjust your walking posture.

So yes, definitely NO flats. In fact, wedges should be avoided too.

The basic bright low v-cut dress. I got this from Hong Kong H&M. It’s the huge one located near Marco Polo Prince Hotel. I’m not sure if Singapore has it, unfortunately, I don’t shop the local H&M; prefer Forever 21, which is right around the corner.

Being this bright, it captures the attention of passerby already. The low v-cut just makes people stare (mainly men, sadly too) a little longer. Also, the low v-cut means, you cannot wear it bare. As in, you definitely need a necklace.

Nothing to extravagant please, the dress itself is considered a basic piece. So yes, something like this Minnie Stellar (4cm) piece from Poh Heng is PERFECT!

It also gives people the excuse of staring, and when noticed, say they are looking at your beautiful necklace. Having many male friends/buddies, excuses like such is heard too frequently, and I know them enough to know, they are totally bullshitting me. Admittedly, I have no problems flaunting my assets. The saying goes, you have it, you flaunt it. Take the attention as a compliment that god gave you something good, if he didn’t, well… you can consider implants. Yes, I’m pro-plastic, I just don’t have the intention (yet) to get anything done.

Moving along, we have the “Lady Gaga” OL dress that I so very much ADORE!

Fyi, I’m definitely making some changes and manufacturing this one for my Perry Amber label – tell you more about the label in another entry.

This is the same piece I wore when dear Wong Li Hong came by our Fabulous Group Bugis outlet a month or so back. It’s one of those pieces that I made exceptions to the rule that I wouldn’t wear the same dress twice in a year. To be honest, I’ve been recycling a little due to the lack of time to shop as much as I did before.

Again, I love this piece because of its low v-cut and the way the dress falls, giving anyone that has a little curves, an additional boost to their figure. It’s cotton (I’m probably gonna manufacture it with better fabric), in case you’re wondering, but it doesn’t look all that cheap because of the way the layers are placed.

Rule of thumb, my rule at least, wear a necklace and keep it simple. The reasoning is the same as the piece before. Even though this dress has a more flash design, you can still consider it a simple piece. Just imagine throwing on something chunky? No, really, please don’t.

The somewhat 70s piece that I got from! Lovely piece, it reminds me of something Marc Jacobs had in its stores.

Now, this is a piece that the word “simple” cannot go with.

The dress itself has a good amount of cutting – collared, buttoned, layered, lined, etc. You might think it’s simple enough, but sewing it together would be a bit of a bi*ch. I don’t sew much, but I’ve watched my tailors do it.

Aside from the cut, the pattern on the fabric is quite… complex?

This may sound strange, but because it is so complicated (lately everything seems to be complicated, even relationship for me), fancy accessories will NOT match.

For this piece, personally, I matched a gold piece necklace instead of white gold one that I actually prefer. Maybe I’m not good with my fashion, but white gold with this colour is a big no-no for me. I’m not saying colours have to always blend; sometimes they should, sometimes they don’t. This case, they should.

Just to highlight, it just so happens that the few pieces of apparel in my selection goes well with simple accessories. It is not a rule that all basics and all fancy designed apparel cannot go with something chunky. It just so happens, right now, my focus is on class and sophistication. If you are the street-style kinda of gal… I’ll give my 1-2s about it in another entry. Hahaha.

For info. sake, personally, accessories play a supporting role, therefore, I’d put less attention to is extravagant but how it compliments my already put together look.

Last piece for the day, and let’s call it a night (assuming I’m going to be posting this late at night).

I was told corsets were lingerie party material, the girls did not complain, the guys on the other hand gave me their piece.

It was my first to emcee for a lingerie party a girlfriend of mine organised. I was surprised not only with the turn up but also how sporting the folks were to put on their sexiest outfits – women in lingerie, men mainly in boxers.

Having “policed” and strip down every guy that entered the premises was possibly the most amusing sight I’ve ever came across. This just goes to show, we should always be physically on form, at the very least, decent.

Going off point here, there’s really nothing wrong to be chubby or even fat. So long as you can live with it. But if you’re gonna attend a lingerie party, don’t just think about, “Oh I’m gonna see chicks in sexy outfits!” We are also seeing you in your best or worst form. Tummy dangling off a pair of boxers is not at all sexy. As Paris says, “You’re hot!” Or you’re not.

Coming back, this is the reason why I fell in love with the Minnie Stellar (4cm) piece from Poh Heng’s Minnie Mouse Limited Edition!

Wearing a corset out may sometimes be deemed “too much” but with the necklace, I think I managed to appeal as classy and sexy instead of… you know, slut.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s what the folks on Instagram said.

To end this off, check out my page on Poh Heng!

Love me, hate me; your choice. Singaporean style, “Love me can!!! Please, please! Hahaha!”

(Fyi, in every look, I match it with a piece of Poh Heng’s Minnie Mouse Limited Edition charm just to subtly enhance the overall value of the look itself. Class, beauty, sophistication. Disney isn’t just for kids! Besides, we all grew up with Disney, haven’t we?)

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