Fashion is the Essence of Beauty, Poh Heng

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Love not what I hate but what I love!

What makes or breaks a look isn’t just the make-up you wear, the colour or design of an apparel you put on but also the mix of the perfect pair of shoes and perfect set of accessories.

Sadly, as working adults or even studying teens (and sometimes adults as well) in this fast pace society, living in this modern environment, time is always on the essence. We are given little to no time to build our storyboard for the perfect look. Most of the time, it’s pick and go. Haven’t you heard the comment, “Hey, you know, your shoes really doesn’t go with the dress you’re wearing?” Common, it happens to all of us, be it mix matching shoes, bracelets, earrings and/or necklaces, etc. I’ve experienced instances that my top didn’t go with my bottom. Embarrassing much? Tell me about it.

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