Top Beauty Tricks To Look Like a Model

Don’t we all love how magnificently models strut on the runways with majestic poise and class? Well, we do. And it is so obvious how our eyes pop with relentless admiration of these beautiful models, with their elegant postures and top notch makeup. What most of us probably don’t realize is the fact that with a little effort here and there, it is absolutely possible to achieve the model look and have the crowd looking your way. The following guide will provide a few but sure top beauty tricks to look like a model.


  1. Develop a model posture

It is all about posture. Even with the best makeup and outfits, it is absolutely difficult to pull off the model look without a good posture. Models always have an upright posture ALL the time. While it can be difficult at first to maintain a good posture, constant practice will surely make perfect. Remember to always have your head upright and forward. A common practice for this is trying to balance a stack of books on your head. With time, you get accustomed to staying in that posture. While walking, carefully calculate your steps by putting one foot in front of the other and alternately and softly sway your hips to the side with each step. Always avoid a slouching back when sitting. Have your back straight and chest forward for that desired model look.


  1. Makeup on fleek

Models always wear creative and on point makeup. It is good to experiment with different looks and applications to discover what looks best on you. Use a good quality bronzer to accentuate your cheek bones as high cheek bones are always associated with models. It is important to remember to always take good care of your skin by drinking lots of water and protecting your skin from harmful sunrays. This also helps with makeup application because makeup can only look good on great skin. Try unique eye makeup and don’t forget to put on some mascara for luscious lashes. A rule of thumb for face makeup is less on the eyes, more on the lips and more on the eyes less on the lips.


  1. Dress up in unique and elegant outfits

This tip is a must for anyone who wishes to look like a model. If you are not sure on what type of outfits to wear, try looking through glossy fashion magazines for trendy outfits. Also, one can never go wrong with a dress. Try free flowing and figure enhancing dresses to get a model silhouette.

  1. Shoes, shoes and shoes!

There is no better way to complete your model look than with elegant shoes. Consider complementing your outfits with a pair of unique but comfortable shoes. I would highly recommend high heels if one wants to pull off a perfect model look. A good pair of heels not only makes your legs look longer but also enhance your posture.

  1. Exhibit confidence

To top it all off, always have confidence as this makes you look greater and draws attention towards you. Never forget to wear a smile more often as a smile is an expression of self-confidence, a bonus to your beautiful model look.

With these tips, the next time you see models on the runway, the green eyed monster will definitely shy away. Step out in your model inspired look to have everyone’s attention.

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