With Love brings Poh Heng and Disney Together

This year is Disney’s, I kid you not. Earlier in the year, I went Hong Kong Disneyland with Priss.

Recently, I manage to gasp upon the beautifully crafted Disney’s Minnie Mouse Limited Edition Collection brought to you by Poh Heng.

The private party was truly one-of-its-kind!

Mainly because…

I had Eddie put on a really cute hairband (which he is definitely gonna kill me for posting up, then again, it’s already on Instagram)!

Another one-of-its-kind fact would be that Poh Heng is in fact, Disney’s first official jewellery licensee in Singapore and they have been working together all the way back since 2003, a good nine years and counting!

This particular exquisite collection features Minnie’s rich heritage, style and unique personality to create a stylish and contemporary series unlike others.

Some of you might not have noticed, but Minnie Mouse is actually an incredible influence when it comes to style and fashion. From her red polka-dot dress to the many other pieces featured within the animation.

To upkeep that everlasting trend, Poh Heng liken Minnie Mouse to the preciousness of the gold – 18K white gold with diamonds or high karatage 22K yellow gold with a matte and polished finish.

Here are my thoughts (and tips) of the Minnie Stellar (4cm) and Peep-Toe Pumps!

Minnie Stellar (4cm)

Beautifully crafted, the Minnie Stellar (4cm) charm, plated in white gold and diamonds, projects a sense of elegance and youth. Hanged on a white gold chain, it compliments one’s sense of style when matched with a light or dark coloured gown, cocktail dress, or even simply jeans and t-shirt.

Peep-Toe Pumps

Plated in gold, the Peep-Toe Pumps charm provides a classic feel to whoever that wears it. Its simple design allows it to be matched with almost any given fashion attire; from modern to even that with a 70s kind of feel to it.

Now, you have to visit www.pohheng.com.sg/minniemouse! <3

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