Special Moments with Poh Heng and Disney!

The last couple of weeks, in fact, even months before this, has been a roller coast ride for me. For as long as I can remember, aside from the self-created drama (I’m but a drama queen or princess), life has always been more than peaceful.

Every girl has a dream. It takes courage to step out of one’s comfort zone and finally embrace what could be. The many possibilities awaits you if you take a chance.

My journey started many years ago, I’m referring to blogging as a whole. I was given many opportunities, sadly wasting most. This year, thanks to an amazing and beautiful girlfriend of mine, I met someone special (please, I’m really NOT referring to anything romantic here), my boss and current partner.

He might not think much of me as of current, but he’s been an inspiration in more ways than one. Sometimes, I really just want to struggle him, but ultimately if not for him I’d probably be where I was, which wasn’t anywhere at all.

Okay, a little off point. Now, coming back.

Earlier in the year, I embarked on the journey to Hong Kong Disneyland with my best friend (the one and only) Priss.

Later in the year, again, I discovered Disney through the likes of beautifully crafted jewellery from Poh Heng.

Do you still remember the classics?

From black and white to the runways of Fashion Week!

It’s been a long journey. It’s hard to imagine how something that was so simple, becoming couture.

What’s more?

You probably didn’t know this (you should, I mentioned it in a previous entry), Poh Heng is Disney’s first official fine jewellery licensee in Singapore since 2003! That’s almost 10 years and running.

I find comfort in knowing, we all take risks and we are all changing.

Again, from black and white, now we have gold and that plated in white.

A recap of when it all started, from the day of the private party…

My PSY-Papa in Minnie Mouse ears…

Till today…

Support Disney by supporting Poh Heng’s Minnie Mouse Limited Edition and of course, support me!

Click either the image above or the following:

P.S. I seriously need to start coordinating my photos properly. Every entry looks so messy!

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