10 classic fashion icons (and the trends they made famous)

Fashion is the industry of influencers and superstars, but what does it take to leave your mark in the fashion world forever? Today, we’ll take a look at the people that set a trend before and after, and became synonymous with a particular style.

Audrey Hepburn

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Since Audrey Hepburn incarnated Holly Golightly in the beloved film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, fashion has been obsessed with her little black dress, which has become a mandatory garment in every classy woman’s wardrobe.

Elizabeth Taylor

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Elizabeth Taylor had a fearless sense of fashion. She always gave us a dash of her own fashion sense with her daring necklines, feather boas, fur wraps and amazing headpieces,. She was considered a bit extravagant for her time, but her style had an impact that can be seen in today’s fashion industry.

Katharine Hepburn

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Katharine Hepburn was one of the most important actresses of her generation. She imprinted her own style onto the screen, forever changing the American look, and she loved to wear sportswear and straight pants in her everyday life. Also, she demonstrated that ‘men shape’ clothes could be elegantly used by women, and that showing a woman’s figure is not a bad thing.


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Madonna became a fashion guru really quick in the 80’s, and her extravaganza was not only shown during her concerts, as her tomboyish look was an inspiration for future artist and fashion shows alike.

Marilyn Monroe

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Who doesn’t know about Marilyn and her style? She was never afraid of showing her figure and sex appeal to the world, from her high waist bikinis to her classic Seven Year Itch Look. Nowadays, women still try to recreate her style and the fashion trends that she planted into the industry.


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Twiggy became a star really quick after being photographed with drawn-on lashes, but this look didn’t become an established trend at the time. However, soon enough Twiggy became an ‘it’ girl, and a notable fashion icon known for her daring and trendsetting 60’s styles.

Diana Ross

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Although Diana’s style changed over the course of her career, some of the trends brought to us like her extravagant wigs and embellished gowns gave a twist to the fashion industry. She also redefined the word ‘diva’, liberating it from the negative stigma others gave it before, and blurred the lines between costumes and everyday wear.

Lauren Bacall

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Lauren Bacall’s effortless glamour and seductiveness, and her talent to turn professional outfits into a simple but glamorous looks made her one of fashion’s iconic actresses. Some of her daily garments contained silk blouses, blazers, pencil skirts and pleated trousers, so is not a surprise that she still is a remembered fashion icon.

Jacqueline Kennedy

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The simple but chic fashion style of Jacqueline Kennedy grabbed everyone’s attention, with her channel suits and pillbox hats, she gave a new vision to conservative clothes, leaving a legacy behind her.

Grace Kelly

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Grace always had an impeccable and classic style, with her tailored gowns and really feminine dresses that made her one of the most influential personalities in her time. Even the well known brand Hermès renaming one of their purses, the “Kelly Bag” in her honour, after she was seen multiple times wearing their design.

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