We Are Hiring!

I’ve been wanting to blog, seriously, I have. But whenever I start typing on the keyboard, I have this sudden lost of words. It’s not helping that I have sooo many emails, articles, and what-not to “type” on a daily basis. Sometimes, I feel that blogging is stressing me out. Whatever I have to say about anything, has already been verbalised, thanks (or no thanks) to my startup.

Anyway, WE ARE HIRING! It’s true, and by we, I’m talking about SAUCEink and PRINCESSA!

SAUCEink finally incorporated officially this April 7th, and we’ve officially “launched” our social commerce platform. After all the hiccups that happened in the last couple of months, things have finally started to settle down. PLUS, we have Global Wellness Day. PRINCESSA is starting to pick up again as well – we are testing out our made-to-order and rental formula, I’m stressing over the packaging once again.

My point is, it’s time to hire and WE WANT YOU! Interested to be our power/awesome intern? Apply here: https://www.f6s.com/jobs/16059/sauceink/intern-positions (I’ll probably post this out on our official site when I have the time).

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