October magic: Halloween spells to professional revelations

Join my October tale: From royal witchery to comic spells and entrepreneurial enchantments. Dive into a month of magic, milestones, and business insights.

This Halloween, I’m peeling back the curtain to reveal a transformation so spellbinding it might just be real magic. Join me, Sabrina, for a journey beyond the ordinary. Channelling my inner Sabrina, the (not-so-teenage) witch – think less teenage witch, more enchanting sovereign of spells! πŸ§™β€β™€οΈπŸŽƒ

Witness a fusion of witchcraft and royalty – a Princessa twist on the classic “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” we all adore. But the cauldron bubbles with more than just spells; a bewitching comic version is brewing on the horizon.

Are you ready to dive into a world where magic meets reality? Keep your eyes peeled for the magic that’s about to unfold!

A recap: October has been insane and absolutely my favourite month – marking not just the season of spooks but also the celebration of my personal new year. I found myself in an endless birthday celebration, each moment a reflection of joy and gratitude for another year’s journey. Com’on October πŸ‘Άs say, “Yaaahhh!”

To keep my private life out of the spotlight, not gonna photo spam. Didn’t really take that many to begin with. What I did want to share was the opportunities last month had given me.

Stepping into the professional arena, October presented a platform of personal growth and professional growth at the Next Level x Success Resources conference. Sharing the stage and networking with industry leaders, I found myself swimming with a true shark! One of the fiercest of them all.

Yup, you guessed it right, it was Mr. WONDERFUL!

No hate here. In fact, he’s probably my favourite shark. I’ve learned much about royalties, convertible notes and valuations through his critical views and used them sparingly during negotiations.

Quick tip: We should only sometimes look at just the surface of things. We need to look deeper to understand the actual value of it. I’ll share more context on this in later days after I’ve completed my Next Level journey. I’ve been asked numerous times why I joined and loved them so much.

I promise you, my true thought would probably be unexpected; well, at least that’s the reaction I’ve gotten when sharing it so far.

Coming back to the NLC x SR conference. Every path has its thorns, and mine was a moment of revelation when I faced rejection as an official speaker for SR. In hindsight, patience could have been my ally, yet this setback unfurled a tapestry of self-awareness, highlighting my strengths and areas for growth. It’s through these unscripted moments that the most profound lessons are learned.

The PRINCESSA Academy, my latest entrepreneurial chapter, is in its infancy at four months, yet it has already celebrated its inaugural demo day. This milestone was marked by the thrill of investing in three burgeoning startups, each a beacon of innovation and potential. These ventures are not just investments; they are a testament to the belief in the power of fresh ideas and the spirit of entrepreneurship. Stay tuned as I unveil the stories behind these startups and our journey together.

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In the grand chessboard of digital presence, my entire focus was on just one platform: Instagram. Yup, not TikTok. I know it’s a crazy trend going for it. But I feel like my audience, akin to a royal court, convenes on Instagram, where the pace is regal – deliberate and dignified. Why?

TikTok is way fast-paced. Even topics that I indulge in are made in a fast-paced manner to suit the audience on the platform. Furthermore, I’m not exactly the turn on camera and let’s go live type of gal. So yeah, Instagram was the nice balance of not too fast, not too slow, and something I was familiar with. Plus, the new tools make it so much easier for me to integrate, innovate and automate.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m on TikTok. I just didn’t focus on it as my primary channel. I’ll follow the trend before it dies. I just feel that the world is big enough not to hop on every bandwagon that comes my way. I can miss the wave a little. I’m not the go-viral sort, so it probably would have created a massive impact. Plus, I already had an existing audience on IG, so why start completely fresh?

Anyway, I drifted off again. The point is two words: Digital marketing. Yup, the digital grind from the first customer (in this case, students) to the 400th was based on digital marketing strategies.

Being part of the conference was a fantastic experience, but it just didn’t give me the conversion. It’s okay, though. I wasn’t expecting miracles. After running a MarTech SaaS startup, my expectations are reasonable, and my dependency is low.

It was disappointing I couldn’t bring across the value of our tech solution to P for his acceptance, and my most significant mistake was to think I could, through him, understand the edu-event industry and gain industry conference insights. The choice of sharing or not is up to the individual. Naturally, my or rather our tribe tends to be more open about sharing, but that doesn’t mean everyone else is.

I was told, “Shouldn’t you have done your research first?” Quite frankly, I barely did. I’ve organised conferences but not in the educational space. The biggest mistake was that I was just too used to the open-source environment where there are no dumb questions, just whether someone has the answer. I forgot that the generation is different; hence, the approach is different. I should have approached with what I could offer first.

That conversation? Let’s just say it was a masterclass in smiling through the ‘oops‘ moments.

There was one thing that irked me, though. I was happily sharing with a fellow apprentice about how wonderful the experience was at MMI, and sadly, the TTT programme was literally on my birthday, so I couldn’t attend. I was told, “Guess our targeting wasn’t good enough to have targeted you.” That was a little uncalled for, I felt, which didn’t exactly give me the best impression of the organisation. I didn’t rebuttal, slightly embarrassed since it was in front of everyone being told off that way. But I’ve been taught to respect my elders.

It irked me because I did pay for my VIP tickets; I wasn’t freeloading. I respect paying for value. And I really would have gone if it weren’t on my birthday. No matter how great anything is, if you don’t love yourself first, nothing else matters.

But I got his point. Hence, I didn’t really feel comfortable attending the low-ticketed preview invites if I were not certain I’d be buying the high-ticketed ones. The contradictory part was how I would know I wanted to purchase it if I didn’t have enough details. So that’s the part I couldn’t resonate with.

But like every investor I’ve met in this decade, it’s either we click or we don’t. There’s an in-between, but that in-between would take a bit more effort to bridge.

Starting any new venture, we don’t focus on the “it takes time to bridge“. We focus on the low-hanging. Cause there are the best data points. And if the low hanging is substantial enough, wala, you have a fantastic product.

So yes, I’ll knock my head into the wall in later days with a better track record.

In case you think I’m being hateful, I’m not. I’m just sharing my experience. Through setbacks, we learn and navigate our way to victories. So, take my setbacks and inner thoughts as lessons to help you navigate your path better.

And now we come to W3bverse.

It’s been years since I joined an accelerator programme or basically did a tech startup from the ground up. While PRINCESSA Academy is fresh out of the oven, it isn’t exactly a tech startup or wholly ground up.

The rush is kinda insane. I’m fortunate that People’s Inc. 360 and my other ventures are relatively self-running, and PRINCESSA Academy is highly automated. Otherwise, I don’t think I can beat the clock.

You’ll notice I’ve been pushing W3b Launch School a little more than anything else. Let me explain why.

As I gaze into the digital crystal ball, I see the web3 universe expanding rapidly, poised to reach its zenith in the next year or two. With Bitcoin‘s halving on the horizon and a recent surge in value (up by 15 percent), the currents of change are undeniable. This isn’t just about riding the crypto wave; it’s about understanding the seismic shift web3 represents for businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

I’m not saying to hop onto a project and launch an ICO, but I feel like the understanding of the environment would give you a headstart to the next era. Furthermore, most programmes are dev-ops oriented, so for businesses, the relevancy seems far-fetched. At W3b Launch School, we bridge the balance between thriving towards your, whether current or new business, and transiting to the web3 space, and recently, we’ve been in discussion to introduce dev-ops modules to enhance the overall programme.

Essentially, the creators’ economy is about amplifying solopreneurship to eventually build your team, depending on what you need to do. It’s not just content creation but creation as a whole – like your product or service. This economy empowers creators to build their empires, one brick at a time, with the freedom to choose their tools and teams. Learning to focus and prioritise what are the essential metrics that move your need and help you reach your first milestone, with or without teammates and just automation tools, before expanding.

Royal Launch School

$249.00$1,999.00 / month for 12 months

Passion to fortune: Launch your dream business and lifestyle! Grab your golden ticket! Our 10-week programme is designed to mould you into a top-tier Content Creator Entrepreneur (CCE), packed with everything you need – personal branding, building an awesome website, growing that oh-so-important email list, and making your social media pop. The cherry on top?…


Be it Royal Launch School, W3b Launch School or my upcoming book, “The Lazy Person’s Guide to Life“, these learnings are a collection of my over a decade of struggling to path my now relatively comfortable lifestyle. At the very least, I don’t worry about paying my bills or mortgage or hopping on a plane to catch a manga conference in Japan if and when I want to. I don’t have to wake up at 7 or 8am in the morning just to catch the bus to work. Or not being able to send Toothless (my cat) to the groomer’s mid-day.

I get to choose how, why, where, when, and what I want to work on.

We’re gonna live a long life ahead. I think personally, it’s not about having to work my whole life but having the freedom to choose to work on what I’m passionate about, which, in my case, varies. My ethos is carved from the bedrock of choice – the sovereign right to select the when, where, and why of our endeavours. This philosophy has been my compass, guiding me through varied passions and pursuits.

So in 2024, our advocation, alongside our peers, is about the freedom of choice, something that I’ve lived my life believing in and hence manifested to become my reality.

October has been incredible, but all hail the months that come after.

In case you’re wondering, I’m returning to my initial writing style cause the #princessafam has spoken, and my over-royalty spin has gotten over the top. This pivot is a tribute to you, the heart of my digital realm, as we journey forward, hand in hand, into the unfolding narrative of our shared adventure.

I hope you like the genuine me, less ChatGPT, more Sab.

Join me on this enchanting journey, and let’s create magic together. Follow, subscribe, and stay tuned for more adventures.

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