Cracking the code: AB testing speech titles like a pro

I recently hopped on the journey with Eric Feng’s ‘Get Paid To Speak‘ programme. Oh boy, what a ride! It’s not just about honing your speaking chops; it’s about the nitty-gritty, like picking a title that pops. So, when someone in our buzzing community space asked, “Is there a smart way for AB testing speech titles?” it got me thinking. And guess what? Your girl Sabrina has some tricks up her sleeve. Let’s dive into this together!

The magic of polls

First, let’s talk about polls – the unsung heroes of decision-making. Imagine you’re at a crossroads with your speech title. Do you go bold or play it safe? This is where your audience jumps in to save the day. Polls are your secret weapon to tap into the pulse of your crowd. Whether you’re a Twitter titan, an Instagram icon, or a Facebook fanatic, there’s a way to get those crucial insights. Let’s break it down, platform by platform.


Instagram Story:

Ready to test out your speech titles with a sprinkle of fun? Let’s dive into creating a poll on Instagram Stories. It’s super easy and really effective for getting audience feedback. Here’s how:

  • Open Instagram and start a Story: Tap your profile picture or the “+” icon. Your creative playground is ready!
  • Choose your background: Whether it’s a cool photo, a quirky video, or a colourful backdrop (just tap the Aa icon), pick something that reflects your style.
  • Find the poll sticker: Swipe up to access stickers and select the “Poll” sticker. It’s your key to audience insights.
  • Craft your question: Type in your speech title options. You can customise the default ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ to something more fitting for your titles.
  • Make it pop: Play around with colours and sizes to make your poll stand out. It should catch the eye and invite interaction.
  • Share your Story: Post it to your Instagram Story and let your followers cast their votes. You’ve got 24 hours of engagement coming up!
  • Check the results: Swipe up on your Story after 24 hours to see which title won the hearts of your audience. It’s like getting a direct line to their preferences.

Using Instagram polls is not just about engagement; it’s a smart way to connect with your audience and see which speech titles truly resonate. So, let your Story do the talking and enjoy the feedback!


Ready to see which of your speech titles is a crowd-pleaser? Let’s jump into creating a Facebook poll. It’s easy, fun, and super informative. Here’s your quick guide:

  • Head to your Facebook page: Click on the ‘Create a post’ button. This is where your quest for the perfect title begins.
  • Select the poll option: It’s like setting the stage for your audience to voice their choices. Click on ‘Poll’ to start crafting your question.
  • Type in your speech titles: Enter the titles you’re choosing between. Think of it as asking your friends which outfit looks best on you.
  • Set your poll duration: Decide how long you want the poll to run. A day, a few hours – it’s your call!
  • Launch and watch: Post your poll and watch as votes come in. It’s like having a live feedback session with your audience.
  • Engage with your audience: Don’t just post and vanish. Comment, interact, and keep the conversation lively. Your engagement can turn a simple poll into a buzzing community moment.

Creating a Facebook poll is an effective way to connect with your audience and get genuine feedback on your speech titles. Give it a go, and let your Facebook community help you pick a winner!


Ready to see which speech title resonates with your followers? Let’s get right into creating a Twitter poll. It’s a quick, interactive way to get valuable insights. Here’s how to do it:

  • Start your tweet: Think of a tweet as your mini stage. Open Twitter and hit the tweet button to begin crafting your message.
  • Insert a poll: Look for the poll icon – it’s your ticket to gathering audience opinions. Click it to add a poll to your tweet.
  • Type your speech titles: Enter the titles you’re considering as poll options. Keep it snappy and to the point – Twitter’s all about brevity!
  • Set the poll duration: Choose how long you want the poll to run. Whether it’s a few hours or a whole day, make it fit your schedule.
  • Tweet and observe: Share your poll with your followers and watch as the votes come in. It’s like having a real-time focus group at your fingertips.
  • Engage with respondents: Don’t just watch – participate! Reply to comments, stir discussions, and keep the engagement lively. Your interaction can turn a simple poll into a buzz-worthy conversation.

Using Twitter polls is an effective, straightforward way to gauge what your audience thinks of your speech titles. Give it a try, and let the collective wisdom of your followers guide your choice!


It’s time to harness the power of LinkedIn for something truly impactful – AB testing our speech titles. Let’s see how:

  • Create a new post: Start by creating a post on LinkedIn. This is where you showcase your professional insights and invite others to contribute their thoughts.
  • Initiate a poll: Click on the ‘Create a poll’ option. It’s like opening the door to a world of collective intelligence and diverse opinions.
  • Ask your question: Type in the speech titles you’re considering. This is where you invite your professional network to weigh in on your ideas, just like a boardroom brainstorming session.
  • Decide the poll duration: Set how long you want your poll to run. It could be a quick query or a more extended discussion, depending on the depth of feedback you’re looking for.
  • Engage with the results: As votes come in, observe and interact. Engage with your audience by commenting and discussing the results. Each interaction is an opportunity to gain deeper insights and build connections.

Using LinkedIn polls is more than just gathering votes; it’s a strategic way to engage with your professional network and gain meaningful insights into your speech titles. So, go ahead and leverage this platform to make informed decisions about your next big presentation!


Ready to find out which speech title captivates your audience? Let’s dive into the fast-paced world of Telegram polls. It’s straightforward, engaging, and super quick. Here’s how to do it:

  • Start a chat: Jump into your favourite Telegram group or channel. It’s your stage for instant feedback and lively discussions.
  • Craft your poll message: Type out a clear and engaging message. Imagine you’re hosting a mini quiz show. Example: “Team, time for a quick poll! Which speech title do you love more: Title A or B? Cast your votes now!”
  • Send and observe: Share your poll with the group and watch as responses come in almost instantly. It’s like having a real-time barometer of your audience’s preferences.
  • Engage with responses: Don’t just observe – interact! Every reply, vote, or comment is a chance to connect better and understand your audience. Engage actively to keep the conversation lively and insightful.

Using Telegram for polling is not only about gathering quick votes; it’s an exciting way to engage with your community and get instant feedback on your speech titles. So go ahead, spark up a poll and see which title wins the hearts of your audience!

Mastering the art of ads

Creating an ad might sound daunting, but trust me, it’s simpler than it looks. Think of it as a mini-campaign for your speech title. The goal? To see which title gets more love. Let’s break down the steps for Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram and Facebook boosting basics

  1. Create your post: Start with an eye-catching image or graphic representing you. Overlay it with one of your potential speech titles. This combo is your ticket to grabbing attention.
  2. Time to boost: Once your post is up, hit the ‘Boost Post’ button. It’s like turning on a high-beam spotlight that shines directly on your message.
  3. Set your budget: Decide how much you want to spend. Even a small budget (think $3 to $10) can make a big difference. It’s like placing a strategic bet on your content.
  4. Choose your audience: Who do you want to reach? Tailor your audience settings to match the people most likely to be interested in your talk. It’s like sending a VIP invite to the right crowd.
  5. Go live and monitor: Launch your boosted post and watch as it reaches new audiences. Keep an eye on the reactions – likes, comments, shares. Each interaction is a clue to how well your title is resonating.
  6. Engage with your audience: Don’t just watch from afar – jump into the conversation! Reply to comments and engage with your audience. It’s about building relationships, not just broadcasting.

Repeat this process with your alternate title options, keeping the visuals identical to ensure a fair comparison. It’s all about changing up the titles while maintaining that visual continuity. The title that gets more clicks, likes, or comments? That’s your winner!

Boosting on Instagram and Facebook is more than just a promotion; it’s about connecting with your audience and fine-tuning your message for maximum impact. So give your speech titles the spotlight they deserve and see how your audience responds!


AB testing your speech titles isn’t just smart; it’s essential in our world where attention is gold. Whether you’re polling your way to perfection or boosting posts for insights, each step brings you closer to a title that captures your attention and encapsulates your message.

So go ahead, give these strategies a whirl and watch as your speeches take off and truly resonate with your audience. And hey, if you have questions or need more guides, feel free to comment. I’m all ears and ready to help you make your mark!

A golden opportunity

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