Back to school: My two-week social media hiatus

My journey of self-care and upskilling and how these experiences shape my approach to the Royal Launch School.

It’s been a while since I’ve been active on social media, and I’m excited to share with you what I’ve been up to during my two-week hiatus. Well, it’s been a time of reflection, learning, and a bit of self-care. Let me take you through my journey of recharging and upskilling.

Taking a breather

Firstly, I’ve been under the weather, which, although inconvenient, gave me a much-needed pause. Nothing serious, but it nudged me to slow down and listen to my body. It’s like my system hit the pause button, reminding me that sometimes, stepping back is just as important as charging forward. So, aside from my educational pursuits, I’ve been cocooning at home, wrapped in comfort and introspection.

Diving into learning

Now, let’s talk about the exciting part – upskilling! I’ve always believed that learning is a lifelong journey, and these past weeks have been a testament to that. I’ve dived headfirst into three incredible programmes, each opening new doors of knowledge and opportunity.

1. Bossbabe – business growth

Joining Bossbabe’s The Société, led by Natalie Ellis, was a transformative experience. This programme isn’t just about business growth; it’s about creating a freedom-based business that aligns with your passions and lifestyle. It’s a learning, empowerment, and community journey tailored for ambitious women ready to redefine success.

Key takeaways from The Société

  • Freedom-based business method: This core methodology taught me to build a business that thrives online, offering the flexibility to manage it from anywhere.
  • Empowering community: The Société’s community of like-minded female entrepreneurs provided a supportive network, fostering growth and collaboration.
  • Comprehensive resources: From in-depth coaching sessions to a wealth of templates and systems, the programme equipped me with tools for scalable growth.

Impact on my entrepreneurial journey

The Société has reshaped my approach to business. It emphasised building a brand community, effective social media strategies, and creating a sustainable sales engine. Importantly, it highlighted the need for self-care to prevent burnout, ensuring long-term success.

Integrating learnings into Royal Launch School

The insights and strategies from The Société will be integrated into the new version of the Royal Launch School. This is part of my commitment to continually enhance the programme, ensuring it delivers the most effective and up-to-date entrepreneurial education. By implementing these concepts, I aim to offer all Royal Launch School participants a richer, more comprehensive learning experience.

2. Crypto Rocket Profits – crypto trading

Embarking on the Crypto Rocket Profits course was like stepping into a new realm of possibilities. This programme wasn’t just an introduction to cryptocurrency but a comprehensive guide to the intricate world of crypto futures trading. It offered insights into the platforms best suited for trading, key cryptocurrencies to watch, and techniques for identifying promising coins.

Key learnings from the course

  • Understanding crypto trading: The course demystified the complex mechanics of crypto trading, making it accessible even to beginners.
  • Chart analysis skills: Learning to read trading charts was crucial, providing the ability to make informed trading decisions.
  • Strategic trading insights: The programme offered strategies for spotting potential in various cryptocurrencies, an essential skill for successful trading.

Personal reflections on crypto trading

While the course was enlightening, and the world of crypto trading is undoubtedly exciting, I realised that this path needs to align with my core values and career aspirations. As thrilling as it is, trading didn’t resonate with me on a deeper level. I seek fulfilment and a sense of purpose in my professional endeavours. While crypto trading is a viable side hustle, I still need to fulfil my desire for meaningful, purpose-driven work.

The takeaway from my journey

This exploration into crypto trading was an important step in understanding the diverse opportunities in the digital world. It reinforced my belief in pursuing paths that offer financial rewards and align with my personal values and aspirations. This experience has been valuable to my entrepreneurial toolkit, even as I seek ventures that resonate more profoundly with my vision and goals.

3. Eric Feng, Get Paid To Speak – becoming a global speaker

Joining Eric Feng’s “Get Paid To Speak” programme felt like stepping onto a global stage, ready to share my passion for freedom through automation. This course wasn’t just about refining speaking skills; it was a comprehensive journey towards becoming a global speaker, resonating with my aspiration to spread the message of achieving freedom of time, wealth, and location.

Key components of the programme

  • Niche expertise: Learning to discover my unique niche and establish myself as an expert, especially in automation and entrepreneurial freedom.
  • Speech crafting: The programme guided me in developing impactful speeches that inform, inspire, and engage audiences.
  • Marketing mastery: Gaining insights into effectively marketing my speeches and securing speaking engagements.
  • Engagement techniques: Learning to deliver memorable speeches that captivate audiences and open doors for future opportunities.
  • Social media and branding: Enhancing my online presence and authority in my niche through targeted social media strategies and branding efforts.
  • Product development: Exploring ways to create high-ticket products that complement my speaking engagements and maximise revenue.

Special bonuses and fast action benefits

The programme also included bonuses like monthly group coaching calls, marketing videos, a vault of top speech recordings, and comprehensive social media and branding training. Comprising practical tools like email pitch templates, speaking contracts, and a pre-speech questionnaire template further equipped me for success.

Personal motivation and goals

My motivation for joining this programme was rooted in my desire to share the transformative concept of freedom through automation on a global scale. I aim to empower others with the knowledge and tools to achieve autonomy in time, wealth, and location, mirroring the principles I advocate in the Royal Launch School. This programme was a significant step in that direction, providing me with the skills and confidence to take the stage and make a meaningful impact.


Eric Feng’s “Get Paid To Speak” programme was more than just a speaking course; it catalysed my journey as a global speaker. It aligned perfectly with my goal to inspire and educate others about the power of automation and the freedom it brings. I’m excited to implement these learnings and share my message with the world, one speech at a time.

Reflections and realisations

This hiatus wasn’t just about learning new skills; it was a period of profound personal growth. It reminded me that sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is rest and reset. It’s about balancing the hustle with moments of stillness, where you allow yourself to recharge and realign.

It reinforced the idea that taking a step back is sometimes the most productive step forward. Balancing work with moments of stillness is crucial for overall well-being and success.

Back and buzzing with ideas

As I return to the hustle and bustle of social media and daily life, I do so with a renewed sense of purpose and many fresh ideas. I’m eager to apply the knowledge gained from these programmes in my personal and professional life and share these learnings with all of you.

So, here’s to embracing every aspect of life – the highs, the lows, and the learning curves. Remember, every pause is an opportunity for growth, and every experience is a step towards becoming the best version of ourselves.

Stay tuned for more updates, and let’s keep shining together!

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