Hollywood’s Hottest Hair Color Trend

Once Again the Entire Hollywood Goes Platinum

Chances are nearly zero for some random colour to take the place of platinum as Hollywood’s hottest hair colour this year and in the foreseeable future. From the authority of expert stylists, platinum is hotter than ever, and it is likely to determine the aesthetics of hairstyling in and out of Hollywood. Previously, there seemed to be some element of diversity in the world of colours with some of the most fabulous Hollywood celebrities such as Nicki Minaj and Rihanna switching from one colour to the next for reasons that ranged from moods to the suitability of occasions. However, platinum now makes an emphatic statement with stars like Gwen Stefani and Rita Ora, flaunting their ravishing beauty and a rich mane of platinum for and sundry to see. Even Debby Ryan surprised us this season when she went totally platinum!

Cosmetic experts attribute these changes separate developments and trends in the field of home design and a favorable shift in preferences towards platinum.

How Platinum Became the Hottest colour

Hollywood lifestyle and all matters of fashion bring together a range of influences that determine tastes and preferences beginning from the manner of dressing, interior designs, and hairdo. According to some renowned stylists and fashion gurus, the major influences have originated from the area of interior design where black and white colours are held in high regard. People tend to adopt hairstyles that match with the colours of their interior colours. Obviously, platinum is one of the colours that agree perfectly with the colour schemes of black and white. Platinum is visually attractive and conveys a positive message, which makes it quite appropriate for carnival moments such as those that feature prominently during summer or winter. There are is no definite consensus about the length of hair that works well with platinum, but experts believe that this colour works very effectively with short hair.


Why You Need a Purple Shampoo for this colour

It takes time, effort, and some resources to get anybody’s hair styled into platinum. However, it is entirely a different thing to keep your rich mane of hair in perfect condition. This is why you cannot do without a purple shampoo. One good reason why you need a purple shampoo instead of the other random products is that this special shampoo helps to give your hair a gorgeous shine, which makes it to appear rich and particularly fabulous. This is one reason why platinum is Hollywood’s hottest hair colour trend this year, and might outlast several seasons. There should be no fear regarding the possibility of this shampoo turning your hair into purple. The purple colouration does not stain the hair but only serves to emphasize its glossiness.

The Bad News is that Platinum is not for All and Sundry

Everybody desires some slice of the platinum glamour but only those with the right skin tone can look splendid and marvelous in this amazing colour. Platinum has superb effect in people with olive skin tone, fair, and light. There is some element of internal harmony between the platinum and the mentioned harmony. This harmony constitutes the essence of beauty. People with darker tones should find other fitting colours from the multiple varieties in the fashion industry. It would be a real gaffe and a fashion disaster for anybody with a dark tone to show up with platinum colour in a lavish red-carpet festival. There is always a right colour for every tone. In fact, every tone has multiple advantages to choose from depending on seasons, occasions, preferences, and a million other variables.


Do Not Monkey Around with Platinum

Platinum is a unique and rich colour. Some people look like super-humans because of the high levels of skills applied. Others are never so lucky because they end up with the image of clowns. For the best results, it makes great sense to let professionals work on your platinum. This is not a colour that any random person can easily do at home.

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