Celebrity style: Hollywood Curviest and Hottest Female Celebrities

Top 10 curvy and stylish female celebrities

It is apparent that the old rule book on Hollywood female beauty is slowly giving way to a revised edition that advocates for increased options in body size, manner of dress, and everything that constitutes beauty. The skinny supermodels that ruled the carpets for generations are quickly fading in appeal as the fuller, sexier, and hotter version of beauty takes center stage.

Here they are:

Nicki Minaj


She announced her entry into the world of stardom with a mixture of outlandish dressing styles and extreme glamor. Over the years, she has shed off her crazy personality and let loose her amazing curves and bulges. Nicki’s voluptuous bust and well-endowed backside are the trademark assets that continue to thrill crowds everywhere she goes. She is also a smashing beauty with a personality that earns her a lot of space in tabloids, blogs, and everywhere that admirers ogle.

Christina Hendricks


In 2010, Esquire Magazine named Christina Hendricks as the best looking American woman. This should have signaled the growing public interest in gorgeous women over the traditional thin model. Christina must have won over the magazine’s attention because of her massive bust, hips, and well-defined legs. The sensational curves have attracted some plastic surgery gossip but this has not deterred Christina from flaunting her buxom assets when occasions require.

Kate Upton


There was a very good reason why Sports Illustrated settled for Kate Upton to grace their cover. That reason related primarily to the hot curves and gorgeous shapes that Kate feels proud to possess. Kate’s large breasts and broad hips work well with her height to make her truly hot and gorgeous.



Beyonce’s beauty is one of its kind. She invented the term “bootylicious” to describe her own butt whose fame has spread far and wide. She is equally endowed with a full chest that captivates millions of her diehard fans. While on stage, Beyonce does not hesitate to shake her assets in the most seductive moves she can imagine. There is little doubt Jay Z’s great attraction towards Beyonce had so much to do with her curvy assets.

Kim Kardashian


A lot has been said about plastic surgery and all, but one thing that remains stark clear is that Kim Kardashian is excessively endowed by massive boobs and a generous backside. She takes great pleasure in wearing tops that reveal the fleshy aspects of her body more than anything else. Kanye West must have been driven crazy by assets leading to the proposal.

Scarlett Johansson


Three great magazines cannot praise a single woman if she is not truly endowed. Scarlett Johansson has been praised by Esquire Magazine, Play Boy, and Maxim. Although Scarlett is short in height, she is well-endowed with a voluptuous bust that makes her extremely gorgeous especially when she dresses up to impress. She is obviously among the 10 Hollywood curviest and hottest female celebrities, and might remain so for a long time to come.

Kat Dennings


Kat Dennings is highly gifted young woman who understands the importance of maintaining a gorgeous body. She has starred in Thor and 2 Broke Girls, where she caught the attention of the masses because of her buxom body and remarkable beauty. She books a comfortable place among Hollywood’s hottest.

Jennifer Lawrence


Celebrity watchers have always testified to the strong appeal that Jennifer Lawrence commands on account of her curves. Whether one chooses to focus on her bust or butt, Jennifer is a woman above average and obviously plumper than the textbook beauty women in the celebrity world. In short, she is incredibly hot.

Katy Perry


Katy Perry is a marvelous woman who has curved her niche in the celebrity world by her talents and beauty. Katy walks has charmed her fans with a perfect gait, great sense of dress, and a disarming smile. Above all, she is excessively hot and curvy at the chest and hips. Some people have compared her graceful curves and hourglass figure to a mermaid. Maybe they are right.

Sofia Vergara


A good number of gossipers and celebrity watchers agree that Sofia Vergara is not a random beauty of ordinary standards. Many people would never expect a woman in her 40s to captivate the crowds with an exceedingly fabulous body. Her bust and boot are as spell-binding as they are gorgeous. She is surely one of the best news for both men and women.

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