Founded in late 2014 with the mission to create incredible female leather goods, accessories, and clothing; Greg Michaels is set on the path to do just that.

I’ve always had a thing for leather goods, more so to bags and wallets than anything else, of course. When I had the opportunity to work with Greg Michaels, I was ecstatic about it!

Greg Michaels products are made with prime materials and are designed to scream elegance. Their designers meticulously toil to produce world class goods which are sometimes considered art but always considered stylish. Whether you’re going to work or attending a dinner party, Greg Michaels handbags will be your most powerful statement.

My favourite piece so far – Greg Michaels Nappa Leather Quilted Hannah Functional Chain Tote!


Now, as for jewellery…

Greg Michaels sets the standard in crystal jewellery with high-end translucent crystals in every piece. Their crystals ensure that every piece of jewellery sparkles like certified diamonds creating works of art out of their accessories. Fashionable and trendy, Greg Michaels jewellery will embellish your favorite outfits.

Again, this set caught my eye – Forget Me Not Pendant Necklace and Earring Set by Greg Michaels!


And I’m sure you will not.

Check out!



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