After a month of suffering, it’s finally over… but with one end, embarks a new beginning. What am I talking about? I’m talking about education.

My last paper ended on the 22nd of May, last paper of this year that is. And after this experience, I realise how little effort I’ve put in for this exam.

One month is too much, too little.

Jam packing a year’s worth of books in a month is really NOT enough. Of four papers, I’m quite sure, I did well for NONE. So yes, the cycle continues, and 11 months from now, I’d probably be resitting for all four.

"learn" written on blackboard with apple, books

This time, I’ll be a lot more prepared (not like I have any choice).

The new term starts in July, which gives me just one more of relaxation before I embark on a year long of books, books and more books.

20140526-books-books-booksCan you guess what I’m studying? Hurhur.

Okay, so a month it is, and a month of work, fun and off-books. So, where’s the party?

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