Suburgatory: Season 1, Episode 14

This is going to sound a little bimbotic, but hey, I never said I was oh-so-matured, did I? I like pink, I go gaga over Hello Kitty and I’m a princess. Explains a lot.


So, according to Wikipedia (the oh-so-mighty sort of all knowledge, somewhat), the term “chick-flick” is a slang for a film genre mainly dealing with love and romance and designed to appeal to a largely female target audience – moi. Apparently, not many types of films may be directed toward the female gender, which is quite contradicting to the first sentence. It seems, or somewhat said to be, according to Wikipedia once again, “chick-flick” is typically used only in reference to films that are heavy with emotion or contain themes that are relationship-based (although not necessarily romantic as many other themes may be present).

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