Bedtime stories?


Story, I love stories. I love listening to them and I love telling (writing to be more specific). Guess that’s why I kinda like quietly listening to M.C. I used to like listening to D.R. too, used to. I’m not comparing really, they are very different individuals.

Anyway, I’ve been rather low on energy the past week or so, I didn’t want to create to much of a fuss so I’ve been saying it’s because I’ve isolated myself from human interaction, therefore not able to gather enough energy source (me being an extrovert, therefore requiring external source for energy). It’s not entirely untrue, and for the week itself, I sort of thought that was actually the case. In fact, I had the impression the fever and all was because of my low energy levels. Apparently, I was wrong?

Things started getting worst after gym training on Friday. After I got home, my body literally shutdown and just couldn’t restart. I spent practically the whole weekend home on my bed. The only movement I made was to the kitchen for water, the toilet to bath and the living room to watch some television. I thought I’d recover after having enough sleep, I was mistaken. It got worst really, I felt even weaker than ever, my whole body was bloated, and I looked like I aged ten years at least. It was a very bad state, I promise you that.

So, I told the coach about it and my doc, both concluded it’s might be dengue.

Mentioning in one of my previous entries, my doctor happens to be a friend. Or rather, he became a friend after having seen him for months now. Nice chap, in his early 30s (I think), considerably cute, tall enough and definitely financially stable. I’m surprised he isn’t married and doesn’t have a girlfriend. He’s one of the nicer doctors I know. In case you girls want to date a doctor, I would totally recommend mine. However, there are conditions. We’ll negotiate on that on a later date.

To be honest, I’m quite secretive (or you can say selfish) about the quality guys I know. I don’t even introduce them to my bestie/BFF Priss. I also make a conscious effort not to mention them so as not to get questioned. That said, when I say quality, there’s really nothing romantic going on. They are just of superior quality.

So yes, I was whining on Whatsapp about how I’m gonna die and there was no way I could drive myself to the hospital or call the ambulance (again, I don’t want to create a fuss), and finally he gave in. My doc was a resident, so he had some kind of shift work going on. He couldn’t come immediately, but he promised he’d come by to make sure I’ll live through the night after his shift.

So there you have it, this is the reason why I stayed up late, suffering on my bed, replying emails, reading/writing articles, and “chatting” with people on OKC.

Now, OKC is another story.

OKC happens to be this online dating site that my friends introduced me. I swore I’d deactivate my account altogether, but every time I did, my stupid girlfriend Jen keeps reactivating it. She felt bad about a previous incident and is all set to find me my prince charming, on the expense of me suffering once again.

Anyway, being on OKC for a while now, I’ve discovered that Singaporean men seemingly do not understand simple English. It’s annoying really. I went through the trouble to state in my profile, DO NOT send me cliche messages, but guess what? The number of “hi, care to chat” and “hi, care to be friends” are ridiculously high. I’ve gone from being patient and politely replying, rejecting these (dare I say it) morons, to “AHHH to hell with that, I’m not replying stupid messages anymore.”

I find the need to reply people regardless, because they made the effort to actually message me. I’ve kept to this mentality across the social media platforms I’m on. Sadly, as time went by, it got just too tiring. Now, I practice filtering. Lessens the agony.

To my greatest surprise, and comfort, lately I’m getting decent messages. Some that are actually worth reading and having me spend time replying.

I find the topic on human behaviour and personalities, very interesting. I think I’ve discuss this with about five OKC-ers to date? You should see the length of our discussion, our exchange of words could easily max out the number of characters allocated (that’s a good 10,000 characters). We talk about other stuff too, like philosophy, culture, life in general… topics I usually only discuss with Priss.

Random thought. I wonder how long before I’m totally bored of the topic on personality types. I’ve been reading up so much about it that it’s somewhat an addiction. Not just MBTI, I’ve been reading other stuff as well. I find understanding the human mind very amusing. Now I’m somewhat regretting I didn’t study Sociology. Ah well, pity.

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