The Little Red Riding Hood, Chapter 6: An invitation

AH, too late! One of the waiting staff at Enchanted cafe spotted The Big Bad Wolf and invited him in.

Charmed by the fragrant smell of the cafe, The Big Bad Wolf sat down in anticipation as he was served Braised Pork Buns.


As he was about to dig in, he saw Little Red Riding Hood leaving the cafe.

“Oh no!”

This is HIS LUNCH… but Enchanted Cafe also just served him his lunch? Which is his lunch?

He told the waiting staff to pack it for him. He will decide which lunch he should take once he has caught up with Little Red Riding Hood.

What will happen? Will he catch up? What or who will his lunch be?

Don’t get anxious about what is to come next. Munch on these freshly-made Braised Pork Buns at Enchanted Cafe today!

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