The Little Red Riding Hood, Chapter 4: What smell is that?

After dining with her grandmother, Little Red Riding Hood skipped all the way home as it was getting dark.

The sly wolf followed her to her house.

He wanted to know what she was carrying in her basket – but he could not find out.

Little Red Riding Hood, gasping for breath, told her mother about the portal and Enchanted Cafe.

“Mom! I was on my way to grandma’s when I stumbled over a portal that led to Enchanted Cafe at 88 Rangoon Road, Singapore! I had the best Linguine Bacon and Mushroom ever!”

Her mother was skeptical and thought she was being ridiculous.

“Oh, slowly, dear. You and your imaginative adventures.”

However, The Big Bad Wolf was eavesdropping and heard everything about the portal.

“I’ll wait out for her to come out and follow her to the portal. Either way, I’ll get a taste her and whatever she has in that basket!”

Will Little Red Riding Hood survive The Big Bad Wolf’s devious plans? Catch the next part next week. In the meantime, visit us at Enchanted Cafe today!

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