I love the holiday season. It is the time I get very VERY generous with my spending. I usually shop for the people I love, picking presents for them (sometimes several) and myself. I also think that it is the BEST time to shop because year-end sales are EVERYWHERE!

Which reminds me – I am launching a HUGE sale.

Think Single’s Day or Black Friday sale – PRINCESSA style!

Only for December 25 through 27, there will be markdowns!

If you didn’t know, I actually have a fashion line named PRINCESSA by Sabrina Wang.

At the end (and the beginning) of the year, there will be many get-togethers and parties that you just can’t say no to. More importantly, you wouldn’t want to be caught dead and photographed in the same dress – you can’t put it on your PINC or Instagram, right.

There are a few party dresses that I think SHOULD be in your wardrobe. I’ve picked out some iconic ones from my collection for you here!

Aaliyah Chiffon Vinyl Mini Black Dress

All black but in two different materials. The chiffon top emanates femininity whereas the vinyl skirt is a sexy siren call. It is flowy at the top and slims down your silhouette at the bottom. The asymmetrical hem at the bottom allows you to show more leg, giving the illusion of a taller figure.

Aida Fringe Cami Dress

Do you know what is party elegant? Flapper-napper dresses from the 1920s. Now, a century later – it has returned, modernised but with the same pizazz. This easy-to-put-on bodycon dress is excellent for parties as it is not restricting but still, could be considered a maxi with the long fringe. In this dress, you won’t be entering a scene, you’ll be the scene!

Chloe Cape Red-Blue Striped Jumpsuit

Who doesn’t love a great fitting jumpsuit? I know I do! I’ve been obsessed with capes ever since I saw Gwyneth Paltrow wearing it on the red carpet a few years ago. So by combining two of my favourite things together, I got this power suit complete with diagonal lines that slims the silhouette. Afternoon office parties? My brand has got you covered!

Daniela Deep V Neck Bodycon Dress in Black and White

This super stretch fabric is amazing! It feels great and hugs the figure like a dream! This halter dress with a plunging neckline will be the star of the night amongst all the glitter and glam of New Year’s Eve parties, trust me. Comfortable and flattering, that is a recipe for a great night out.

Harper Maroon Floral Lace Luxe Party Dress

Feeling flirty? Girls just want to have fun, don’t they? You’ll love this maroon lace dress. It has a faux halter front (amazing for girls with broad shoulders) and a lace-up back. The lace fabric is comfortable and does not itch. However, what I find most flattering is the colour! Ah, so gorgeous!

Shop your favourite styles at a discounted price at www.shopprincessa.com! Yes, shop my whole collection at 10 to 50 percent off starting Christmas Day up till December 27, 2019!

Don’t miss out!

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