Fall and winter in techni-leather

Black is so yesterday, especially when it comes to leather (real or faux). Well, I am not saying you throw out your black leather apparels but hey, it is time to up your fashion game. If you’ve seen the models on the runway recently, most of them were clad in bright leather, if not, they are still coloured.

That is when I went on a search for coloured leather on Shopbop – of course, where else would I look, right?

Sea Lidia Leather Top

First up, so as not to shock you, is a gorgeous piece in hyde brown made from 100% sheepskin. The puffed sleeves and ruffle neck detail cuts the edge off the piece – but beautiful, nonetheless. Pair it with skinny black pants or front tuck on a soft flowy satin skirt for the texture contrast that is a total vibe on its own.

Acne Studios Mock Shiny Leather Jacket

Do you see your man laughing with another woman and it is making you jealous? Don’t be subtle about it. It’s time to show that you are green with envy – not just any green, poison ivy green. Top your outfit with this waist-length biker jacket that will not just make your man run back to you, but you’d probably scare off lingering ladies and lads (you can never be too careful). Pair this with a black dress or if you dare, a pink top with leather black leggings. If fashion could kill, you’d be the leader of the massacre.

Saks Potts Foxy Shearling Belted Coat

If you thought I was done with outerwear, well, not just yet. We still have one more for those of you looking to spend autumn or winter frolicking out in the cold. Don’t be a bore by wearing the usual neutrals. Here, what about going orange? Neon orange. Neon has been the colour of the year. If people are wearing neon on their eyelids, there is no reason why you should not, especially if you are going to party – NYE at Times Square anyone?

Natasha Zinko Leather Midaxi Skirt

Get gorgeous in fuschia. This hip-hugging, midi skirt perfected with a slit spells sex-appeal at a whole new level. Wear the slit to the front or the back- it depends where you are headed to. Dress down with a crisp white shirt or get the party started with a silver-sequinned top. This pencil skirt is so versatile, you’d have so many occasions to wear this to!

Unravel Project Pocket Boots

I don’t know about you but this gives me Russian Spy feels. Not only that – it has a pocket on each side! Hello clothes manufacturers, if shoes can have pockets, ladies’ clothes should have them as well – just saying! But hold up, is anybody else absolutely in love with this electric blue? Made from calfskin, this beauty must be the reason why Jessica Simpson sang ‘These boots were made for walking!’ Imagine strutting in a mono-coloured ensemble and BAM, these boots!

You can thank me for these amazing ideas in the comments below. In the meantime, go get these goodies from Shopbop. I am getting mine as well, I hate being behind fashion.

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