Who wears the pants?

Looking back at 2019, I suppose one of the most notable moves is the advancement towards feminism. To me, I believe that it is a fight toward equal rights. I think the reason why it is called feminism is because women have been overlooked in the areas of work, politics, health care, and more since forever and the word emphasises that we should elevate women to be on the same platform with men!

I dedicate this post to all the women who have stood up amid adversity, literally wearing the pants in the courtroom, in parliament, in their workplace, in schools, and even at home!

Of course, if you love wearing skirts and dresses, that doesn’t mean you don’t wear the ‘pants’! I just want to share with you some of these pant designs that are gorgeous on Shopbop.

Scroll down to see them!

PAIGE Melise Pants

I love this colour! This dusty pink on charmeuse gives it a sheen that is just so gorgeous. Its energy is gentle but strong, just like us women today. Wear this with a crisp white shirt, tucked in, and voila, you’ve got a fantastic office look. If you want to spice things up a little, wear it with a black bareback bodysuit, and you’ll be a sophisticated queen at the clubs.

GANNI Tech Pants

I picked this because, in a way, this pant exudes a very masculine vibe. Think workshops and hard work. I think of the women who are working in men dominated fields, making a difference, one voice at a time. Besides, this design is similar to the paper bag pant that was such a hit recently. I think it will work the same way. If you want some curves, pick this up and wear it with a tight-fitting top and you are good to go!

Khaite Noelle Jeans

Whoah, this brings us back a few decades! But girls, we can pull this off because we’ve got the flair to do so! This jean is high waisted with cuffs at its bottom seams, a fashion statement that I can’t get my eyes off. Wear it with knits or a body-hugging top and my oh my, you might just be photographed on the streets. If you are not afraid of getting the heat up, pair it with a pair of brown boots and a tiny bag.

SLVRLAKE London Jeans

We all need a pair of jeans that are just perfect for any occasion and this pair of jeans is the ANSWER! It is not a jegging nor is it a super fashionable piece where you wear it once, and everyone will remember it for the rest of their lives. This no-nonsense pair of jeans will take you through decades and they will not go out of style. Straight leg made with mid-weight non-stretch denim, you can dress this up or down according to your liking, and it will still make you feel like you have arrived!

Cushnie High-Waisted Wide Leg Pants

Those who are not too accustomed to wearing masculine pants will love this. Lightweight and made from non-stretch silk satin, this pair of pants features a feminine colour in Rose Mauve. This is quite a dressy pair of pants and you would not want any furry friends around this precious but my oh my, this gorgeous piece is worth the sacrifice! Pair it with a chiffon or lace top and wow, you won’t just look like the Prime Minister/President’s wife, you’ll be mistaken for the (wo)man herself!

So, how do these pants make you feel about yourself? Empowered? I love wearing pants actually. They are comfortable and I can cross my legs anytime without showing off too much. I love the fact that we can move from one style to another according to our feelings and yes, use it as motivation for your work – dress to impress, not others, but yourself!

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