Shopbop’s fall checklist: Welcome to the world of prints

If you are a loyal Shopbop customer, this additional feature will be an extra treat for you, as Shopbop has provided women of all ages the best clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories in the hippest possible printed styles you can find!

If you want to add a tad bit more colour to your style, there are also available grey plaids with a hint of pink, a combination that most Elle Woods fanatics would be thrilled to add in their cart faster than you can ever imagine.

Although some may think that plaids can be so overrated, these people will be proven wrong! Most clothes from this collection can give the wearer different styles depending on how they are feeling. There’s that red plaid polo shirt that can make you have that bit of roguish carpenter appeal. Another one, a plaid sweater for those who are of sweeter demeanours that would like to add to the spirit of Christmas. Finally, a #girlboss look for those who want to look sharp no-nonsense in the boardroom.

To make your life easier, here are some of the looks we can’t get enough of:

Paskal Belted Trench Coat

The devil doesn’t only wear Prada. Sometimes, she wears fancy plaid trench coats too! With this outfit on, you won’t ever have the problem of being ignored in a sea of people. There’s nothing like black and white to tell people how fierce and fashionable you can be, and if you add that leather boots on, hell will freeze over before they attempt to offend you.

THE GREAT. The Kindred Skirt

Who doesn’t have dreams of getting lost in beautiful rural fields in the perfect outfit? This skirt is the seamless company on such a day since nothing says nature like an old-fashioned black and red plaid skirt. Added to that, this type of skirt won’t limit your movements so feel free to wander as much as you want.

ASHISH Sequin Classic Shopper Tote

This bag is for all sequin lovers out there. It’s like a time machine takes you back to your childhood when you used to bedazzle all your toys, clothes, and bags! But this time, it will make you look good instead of too sparkly and uncoordinated. The way the colours match in this bag is just plain faultless, and it’s just the right complement if your outfit is a little simple.

Hat Attack Bright Plaid Blanket Scarf

These items are just some of our favourites from this collection of prints, so don’t forget to check out Shopbop for the full collection.

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