The Singaporean Beauty and Fashion YouTubers you should check out

The YouTube world of chic outfits and DIY makeup tutorials is a boom… and also a bloated space. In the sea of channels, however, some manage to stand out by their sheer quality, and today we’ll talk about some of the Singaporean fashion and beauty YouTubers that do deserve their spot in your subscription box.

Jade Seah

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Jade is a former model (first runner-up at the 2006 Miss Singapore Universe pageant, no less!), and now she uploads super fun videos on YouTube for more than twenty thousands subscribers. Jade shares important moments of her life by daily vlogs, makes videos introducing her favourites products of every month and even some DIY for good measure. Her “question everyone” videos, like What do Singaporean girls wear to clubs? and How to be stylish? are some of our favourites.

Roseanne Tang

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Thanks to her past as a makeup artist, Roseanne is makeup expert like few others, and she just can’t stop teaching us about makeup application. Her videos are diverse, as she speaks about her daily life, and her more than one hundred thousand subscribers can see product hauls and beauty reviews from wherever she is. She also reviews trendy products like the Fenty Beauty Foundation and the new formula of Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation.

Naomi Neo

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At the young age of 19, Naomi’s YouTube channel has more than three hundred thousands subscribers. Her videos are an interesting mix: she does makeup tutorials and hair tutorials, and lately, she’s doing some really funny tags like “The Boyfriend Tag”. Her videos are well done and she just oozes with an energy that we love.


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Karman’s a very positive YouTuber whose’s channel is focused on reviews and beauty vlogs, mostly about drugstore products, making her channel really interesting for people who cannot afford high end or expensive products, yet want to know goods brand out there with affordable and fantastic products.

Jyoti a.k.a SuperPrincessjo

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Jyoti was born in India but lives in Singapore, and this mix of Singaporean culture and her ethnic background is one you can feel in her videos. She owns a channel with more than six hundred thousands subscribers and her videos are based on makeup and hair tutorials, natural methods for skincare, and makeup hauls.

Mongchin Yeoh

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Mongchin’s channel has lovely photograph makeup tutorials, makeup hauls, and first impressions on new products available in the Singaporean market, but probably the best part of her videos is watching her an amazing energy. Her more than forty thousands subscribers love her personality and the way that she developed every one of her videos. She only mentions fantastics brands like Urban Decay and Lancome.

Joie Tan

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Joie Tan is a multifaceted Singaporean YouTuber: she has an amazing voice (one of the many alures of her videos), but her channel is also full of beauty and her Funky Fridays series. She has more than ten thousands subscribers and her channel is growing really fast. She has a unique style and this is really notorious for her outfits.

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