If only parents knew about these useful stuff for kids

I may not be a parent yet, but I know enough friends who’re struggling with parenthood to make a claim that these following unique products will definitely help them ease through the tough times. Moreover, some of these are really, like uber cool. Check it out below:


1. Folding lightweight stroller

If you use a stroller for your kids, you should know the pain… of having something bulky around constantly throughout the whole family outing. Yes, I know we all want the best for our kids, but why not the best of both worlds? This light foldable stroller is not only super convenient to bring about, it provides less headaches for parents who prefer to travel about in a more lightweight manner. Stop taking up additional space and worry about leaving your stroller outside the restaurant while you’re having a meal!

2. Electric baby nails trimmer

Each time you take up that sharp fingernail clipers and start heading towards your baby, don’t you feel as though you are preparing for a war? You need to keep your kids entertained enough to not move around too much so that you can safely trim their fingernails. Doing this consistently for a few months can be pretty nerve-wrecking, so if technology can come into play and make it both easier and safer, why not? This electric baby nails trimmer works by vibrations and would leave you and your kid in giggles and laughter during a casual nail trimming session. Again… It’s a big WHY NOT? haha..

3. Pacifier that closes when falls

Now this. Is really, really useful. How many times have I seen parents going blackface because a baby throwing a fit conveniently let go of his/her pacifier, dropping to the floor and becoming really, unhygienic. I’ve seen mummies and daddies scolding each other and demanding them to rush it over to a toilet to wash these little baby necessities.

I personally believe every smart parent should consider getting a couple of these strategical pacifiers to keep babyhood arguments on a healthy level. If a kid retains memory from the pacifier sucking years, they will remember a happy, smiling face instead of a frowning, black faced one when they drop their pacifiers the next time!

There are just so much great stuff out there that makes life less difficult for young parents, I feel like every parent or future-parent should start researching today to understand better. Here is a good place to start with:

Daddy check this out – Unique products for kids

They have an extensive list of smart products for parents to take better care of their kids, in fact, my inspiration above also came from their list!

That being said, here’s wishing a fantastic and less stressful life to all young parents out there and have a great 2018!

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