A new French perfume line by David LISS, the niche perfumer

At the service of made in France perfumery is not only the business of the major brands that we all know.
SMEs, concerned with the preservation of French know-how, are constantly engaged in the practice of innovation, in order to develop the profession of perfumer, a profession that does not date from today.

If perfumery finds its origins in antiquity it is nowadays, or more exactly since the Parisian brand since 2014, David LISS Parfums is inspired by everyday life, to create fragrances subtle and characterized. Each composition takes on the flavors of a refined and familiar aesthetic, not for its reassuring aspect to see routine but for its incredible beauty and its lot of surprises, David LISS Perfumes sublimates the authentic beauty of women and men and unpretentiously composes olfactory melodies.

It is already three years that this young brand pays particular attention to create while respecting French craftsmanship. It is in the heart of the city of Grasse, capital of the perfume, that the founding of the creation workshop allowing David LISS Parfums to make radiate a craft previously carried by houses such as Galimard or Fragonard.

As of the month of April, David LISS Parfums will propose a new collection carried by an intimate note. Raspberry, praline, delicacies of sandalwood bring us back to the origins of perfume and the smoke of incense. Enrolling David LISS Parfums as a must in French perfumery.

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