Here are seven easy ways to change your work décor

The place where a person works at often shapes up to be his/her second home. One may have to stay within the confines of that desk for hours at stretch. In such a case, having a plain and dull desk may force you to get up frequently, go for a walk and reduce your efficiency at work. Thus, it is very important to keep your work décor neat and attractive with some personal elements thrown in.

Let us look at some easy ways to change your work décor.

1. Photo-Frames

Photo-frames are one of the most basic yet most effective décor ideas. They could be abstract or personal. Try and keep the colour elegant, which is pleasing to the eye rather than some really bright colours since you will have to look at it day-in and day-out. Also, to someone else visiting your desk, too bright a colour can be distracting. It should also not be too personal, since that might not fit the office environment, the best thing to go for would be a family photo or a nice quote.

2. Greenery

A little green never hurt anyone. A small sapling on a desk can really set the mood and look for a desk. It should obviously not be large enough to be distracting. It could be a gift from a friend. Plus, watering it daily generates a sense of responsibility towards your desk which in turn helps in keeping the desk organized and tidy. As they say, “organized desk, organized mind”.

3. Keep the Kid Alive!

A small toy or a showpiece like a Buddhist waving cat, or a pendulum is a right fit for an office environment, not only does it make you more approachable but also shows that the kid in you hasn’t died out. It sets a lighter mood around the office and is a relief amongst the hectic and often stressful office environments. Although, too many toys or showpieces may clatter the desk and make you look disorganized and immature. So, learn the balance, keep it elegant and unique.

4. A Cool Mug

Coffee or tea whichever you may prefer are often the only stress busters in a busy office schedule, but drinking that in plastic cups which need to be discarded after use and may leave stains on the desk are highly unwelcome. A cool and dapper mug in the same stead can tell other the attitude you have towards your beverage and thus can give you the right amount of demeanour required.

5. Calendars

Calendars are a must; they just cannot be done away with, especially in an office environment. Take that as an opportunity to test your creativity. You could dole out some bucks for a custom-made calendar but a suggestion here would be to keep it abstract because not everyone wants to see into your personal life, every time they want to have a look at the date while sitting at your desk. Don’t limit changes to your office chairs only but keep other things in a creative way too.

6. Scent Diffusers or Sprays

In an office space, you might at times not help but sniff a smell of something unpleasant, be it a cigarette you might have smoked or a pretty smelly lunch. In those times a scent diffuser becomes a necessity, thus it is a must to every office desk. But, the choice for the same can be tricky, since not all your co-workers might like the same kind of odour. The smart thing to do here goes with a generic light-smelling scent, which is not too strong and is pleasing to the nose. Lavender or rose scent always works but feel free to wander as long as the scent remains within the realms of calm and soothing.

7. Led Lamps

In an office, you don’t really get to choose your cubicle, so it might happen that your particular cubicle has a bad lighting, making it difficult to work. Moreover, even if the lighting is sufficient, a broken tube light may take up to a day to get fixed and work cannot wait that long. So, it is advisable to keep a lamp on your desk which can be used in times of need.

By now, you do get the basic idea, don’t you? Anything that you want on your desk should disturb the sensibilities of your co-workers and not distract you from the actual work. At the same time, it should be attractive enough to keep you interested. These are only some suggestions towards the décor of your desk, you could also try stuff life custom-made paper-holders, designer post-its, creative pens and pencils. The possibilities are as vast as the horizon but just remember, feel free to experiment but be open to suggestions and criticism when it comes to your work décor.

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